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Virginia Tech Hokies Move Back into the Top 20: AP-19

Hokies move up a few spots in each poll (19/20). Good news all the way around. These few games might be a big turning point in the current program’s fortunes. There is some work to be done, but there are some special players on the field doing special things. GO HOKIES

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Sweet revenge for 2018.
John Schneider - SB Nation

So, Saturday evening the Virginia Tech Hokies managed to scrape by with a narrow win over the Boston College Eagles... Okay we’re being sarcastic. The Hokies, after two seasons of sputters with the Eagles, finally got some serious revenge. The Athletic Department even put together a nice graphic to celebrate a dominant win. It does take a snoot full of attitude and a fair amount of grit to knuckle down and come back from a disappointing loss.

The Polls Moved a Bit, in the Right Direction

The college football polls seem to have been a little bit more satisfied with their prior placement of the Hokies. The AP Poll ranked us at #19 and the USA Today Amway Coaches Poll has the Hokies ranked at #20.

Here are some of the official Athletic Department Highlights from the game.

I am a bit concerned about the defense. No, not about their performance on Saturday. The 5 takeaways were actually taken away. Only one interception looked like it was a mistake on Jurkovec’s part. All of the remainder were forced by a player and covered by another. There always seemed to be some combination Hokies to force and grab the turnover. Divine Deablo (FF), Chamarri Conner (FF), Brion Murray (INT), Devin Taylor (INT), Amare Barno (FR), Dorian Strong (FR) and Alan Tisdale (FR). The secondary seemed to be playing to keep the Eagles big threats receiving to little annoyances, then the Hokies just took the ball away.

Observation of the 2020 Polls, in General

Where are these B1G and PAC 12 teams coming from? Not one of them has played a snap, and until they have more than a few games played, shouldn’t even be considered. It’s ridiculous to be compared against a theoretical ghost. The Polls should keep it real. This isn’t back yard baseball between buddies and ghost runners are on the bases. It’s not fair to the teams actually suffering the COVID hits, and putting the sweat equity on the field.

Hendon Hooker, Khalil Roberts, and the #ViceSquad

The special thing about last night is that the highlight reel wasn’t limited to Hendon, Khalil, and the bone crushing blocking from the O-Line. Raheem Blackshear scored his first touchdown for the Hokies on a beautiful run.

Everyone knows how much I like and respect Hendon Hooker. He’s a Vick and Taylor level performer - who is only going to get better. However folks, HOW ABOUT THAT O-LINE!!!.

Look, you all heard over and over how good Bryan and I thought this line was going to be this year. I think several readers got a bit tired of it. They like the flash and dynamism of the skill positions. Well, I will repeat John’s Number #1 Rule of Offense: The Offensive Line is 85% of the Run and 65% of the Pass. This season’s performance just hasn’t changed that rule, at all. Did anyone notice that the right outside of the Line was missing Luke Tenuta? No, you didn’t because Silas Dzansi teamed up with OG Doug Nester and they didn’t miss a beat.

The Hokies are Doing Fine as Frogs’ Hair

This team has a bunch to work on, but that should be the case every time you pull it in after a game and go over the film. That’s how you get to be the best. You get there by never being satisfied with yourself; and always finding ways to improve your performance. The Hokies face a tough schedule. Wake Forest isn’t a push over, and we have to play them in their house. Louisville is stunned and hurting - and like a wounded bear is going to be hammering to get a win at home. Liberty is undefeated and the supposed “light game” of the season doesn’t look so easy this year.

The Hokies need to get through that part of the schedule one game at a time with no let up. Tomorrow we’ll review the first third (sort of) of the season and look at some of those strengths and weaknesses as the next four games determine where this team is going for the season.