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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Goes over The Hokies vs. Blue Devils Game

BIG UPDATE! The Defensive Backfield has taken a serious COVID related hit. We are a touch late on the podcast, there were a few issues in recording, but we got it in. Virginia Tech travels to Raleigh-Durham to seek some serious revenge against the struggling Blue Devils. Bryan and John go over the high points, and make predictions. Take the Poll... GO HOKIES!!!

One of the few stops at the line for Tech in 2019’s Duke Game
John Schneider - SB Nation

Major Update:

Our buddy Treadmill Horse and several other sources have pushed out some really disturbing news. The Hokie Secondary is going to be missing some serious talent including Brion Murray, Armani Chatman, Divine Deablo, Alan Tisdale, and coaches Ryan Smith and Justin Hamilton will not be at the game. While not a complete disaster, it’s worrisome. The defense was firing on all cylinders, and without Tisdale, we have limited outside linebacker level talent playing. Dax Hollifield is wonderful but still more of a Mike than an OLB. It looks like the chess pieces get rearranged again. Let’s hope the offense can really burn up the field and control the ball.

Game Information

Well, it’s on, the equipment bus is packed and the team is headed to Duke tomorrow. The kickoff is set for 4:00 PM and it’s on the ACC Network, again. Woot Woot for streaming.

Our favorite weather web site, Weatherunderground is predicting a beautiful clear to mostly sunny day in the low to mid sixties with temps dropping just slightly as the sun goes down. It’ll be a great afternoon and evening for college football.


Tech looks like they are sticking to the basics for their first away game of the season. They are wearing one of my favorite uniforms of all time - white jerseys, maroon pants, and glossy maroon helmets. Khalil Herbert is doing the modeling job.

And the #25 Will Be Worn Proudly By Brian Johnson

There haven’t been a ton of place kicking #25’s that I remember. Brian Johnson earned his honor this week, and during the game last weekend with 9 points on FG’s and 100% of his PATs (We did go for and get a 2, remember?). Two of those field goals were booted in from 47, and 49 yards. It was a great kicking performance for Brian. Guess he really wants a shot at that “Toe-phy”. So, Congratulations Brian!

Bragging About Consequential Transfers

Well, if you have to live with the Transfer portal, why not make the most of it and find some really amazing players from it. Braxton Burmeister, Brock Hoffman, Khalil Herbert, Justus Reed, and Raheem Blackshear all made consequential appearances last week. Coach Fuente is looking to them, again this week.

And So, It’s Time for Bryan and John to Chew on it a Bit. Listen in.

So, now that you’ve heard from us:

John is predicting a 48-17 Hokie victory, and Bryan is weighing in at a bit more reticent but still impressive 38-17 Hokie win, how do you feel about this one?


Where will the game end up on Saturday at 7:30 or so?

This poll is closed

  • 33%
    I’m with John! Big Blow Out, 60 Plus point over/under and we beat the spread. Revenge is a dish best served cold.
    (23 votes)
  • 59%
    I’m hanging with Bryan. It’ll be a good win and just about on the spread and right around the O/U.
    (41 votes)
  • 2%
    Nope, you’re both wrong. The Blue Devils are 0-3 they are playing for pride and at home. Something has to give and the Hokies are prime for an overconfident fall. Duke by a field goal and short of the O/U
    (2 votes)
  • 4%
    Hokies won’t travel well with all of the pressures of the quarantines and lockdowns. They’ll be missing people and Hooker will be rusty. Duke takes it by a TD but the teams push past the O/U.
    (3 votes)
69 votes total Vote Now

So, now we wait. The game thread will be up and rolling at 3:55, and Bryan will be handling social media, again. Though I might chip on on either. I’ll be on Facebook Live after the game. This time I might actually be awake.