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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Reviews the BC Win and Sneaks a Peek at Wake

The Hokies showed up and thumped the Boston College Eagles pretty hard. Bryan and John go over the game, and talk a bit about Wake Forest next weekend. Oh, and some folks got noticed after last weekend. GO HOKIE!!!

The 2018 Game had good moments
John Schneider - SB Nation

Winning Makes Things Different

The 40-14 win over Boston College did some interesting things. First, it was a redemption of sorts since the Hokies have dropped two straight to the Eagles. Second, more than just a tiny number of Hokies are getting national attention for the ratings services and post season awards.

Khalil Herbert Finally Gets Noticed, Big

First, Who has the #1 Runningback in the nation? Well, there will be arguments, but Khalil Herbert is stating his case, loudly.

Look Who is on the List to Take a trip to New York at the end of the season. Yep, you see this correctly, a major grading organization like Pro Football Focus has Virginia Tech’s Khalil Herbert on the Heisman Trophy watch list.

He’s their Highest Graded Rusher for the Week, too!

So, Someone Else is Getting Well Deserved Notice, too.

Hendon Hooker has finally bubbled up past the Hokie Nation Knew First Barrier.

He has arrived, folks! Even Herbie (not known for his great love of the Fuente Era Hokies) is casting some sunshine in Hendon’s direction.

Mark Herzlich is certainly starting to wave a big pointer finger in the direction of his former rival team (Remember he is a pro linebacker and played great football for the BC Eagles).

Oh? And Back to Herbie Again - Any Apologies for the 2018 rant, there Herbie?

Oh! And To Run and Pass, You Have To BLOCK

Doug Nester, starting Right Guard just made a PFF weekly notice list. Team of the week, huh? That makes three or four Virginia Tech Offensive Linemen making the PFF grading lists this season. Wow.

Okay, Let’s Talk Turkey

Wake isn’t a push over this season. Their quarterback can throw. They have receivers who can catch and run. Their run defense might not be up to par and that’s their weakness and our strength. Previews will be forthcoming.

In the meantime, and as always!