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Virginia Tech Hokies trial Wake Forest Demon Deacons 17-10 at the Half

Virginia Tech’s Offense is sputtering, sometimes good, sometimes not good. The defense is just not getting critical stops, especially on short yardage run situations and the short passing game. The game isn’t out of hand, but a low grade shootout is developing. Tech needs to make some serious adjustments nearly everywhere. GO HOKIES!!!!!

Tech lost the toss, so Wake deferred. The kickoff sailed out of the end zone for a touchback so the Hokies started their game at their 25 on offense. Hooker started off with a 2 yard ice breaker, and then an RB (Blackshear) Jet sweep to the wide side set up 3rd and short. Blackshear picked up the first down off the boundary. The first pass was too quick to come out with a big overthrow by Hendon Hooker to Tayvion Robinson. Khalil Herbert made up the schedule yards, though with a good run counter off the left side of the offensive line for 7. The drive bogged down near mid field, though, and Oscar Bradburn’s beautiful punt burying the Deacons on their 7 didn’t do much good.

Supported by a quick passing attack, and a 58 yard break away run, Wake marched down the field where the Hokie defense looked a bit behind the power curve on both timing and scheme. The Tech outside rush didn’t work, and the coverage was loose enough for Hartman to fit the ball into the right spots, and then run past the outside rush for a touchdown as Wake made it into the close red zone.

7 – 0 Wake Forest

Tech came out slinging it with a beautiful screen to Khalil Herbert that was helped along by a personal foul after the play. A play short of the sticks was stopped to Tayvion Robinson, and a dive and sack caused a Field Goal attempt that hooked outside the posts. Hokies waste a drive.

7 – 0 Wake Forest

Wake stopped the Tech offense cold after a good 3 and out by the Tech defense… and an incomplete called from the booth saved Hendon an Interception. The Hokie D got gashed for a 10+ yard run and ended up having to settle for giving up a field goal. Tech is struggling on both sides of the ball for this game.

10 – 0 Wake Forest

There was an air of desperation on the Hokie sidelines. They opened with a long run by Hooker off the wide side of the field, then followed with a first down by Herbert. By alternating sides of the formation and staying out of the middle the Hokies managed to advance the ball helped along with a defensive pass interference call. Hooker managed to grab a good 10+ yard run, but the quarter ended before the next play could get snapped. Eventually the drive bogged down with some problematic play calling and poor execution. Brian Johnson put up 3 from short yardage, but the Hokies needed to get the Touchdown.

10 – 3 Wake Forest

Tech kicked off, the defense managed a nice 10 yard sack on Hartman, and that forced a 3 and out. The punt was another big punt by Wake, and Tech got the ball back on their own 30. Hooker made a nice gain, and with some struggling by the Herbert Hooker combo Raheem Blackshear was sent in to mix it up. Hooker tossed a nice hard pass under the zone to James Mitchell which seemed to loosen up the Offense and infuse a bit of confidence in the effort. A nice reverse roll crossing route to Mitchell (who lined up in the slot) resulted in a nice touchdown for the Hokes, which was also greatly needed.

10 – 10 Tie

Wake got the ball back and operated a chop and dice sort of quarterback run and edge run along with a 4th and 1 conversion to get the ball securely into Hokie territory. With 4th and 2 on the Hokie 37, Wake picked up it’s second 4th down and short with a fast slant pass. Wake picked up another 4th down and 1, but Jerrod Hewitt got too over the top and pulled off the runner’s helmet and instead of first and goal at the 10, it was 1st and goal at the 5. Wake Forest’s follow up false start put the ball back on the 10, but Tech’s defense was having serious difficulty getting a stop as Wake’s running and short passing offense chopped up the field. The Deacs used Kenneth Walker to power the ball into the end zone through multiple defenders. 17 play drive… nearly 8 minutes off the clock.

17-10 Wake Forest

Tech got the ball back with 1:26 left on the clock. The hope level was low. Until Tre Turner showed up on the radar. Hooker grabbed a nice big gainer, then Tre Turner grabbed two for some serious yardage. Nick Gallo brought the Hokies into near red zone. Hendon Hooker clocked the ball with 14 seconds left, and at 2nd and 10 on the Wake 15, the Hokies were threatening to even it up again. And then disaster struck… Kaleb Smith was hit early and hard enough that the pass was tipped and picked off in the end zone to end the half…

17-10 Wake Forest

The Hokies have to make some serious adjustments at the half. The defense is getting steam rolled 5 to 7 yards at a time, and the offense is inconsistent and often misfiring. A Hokie Defensive stop to open the 2nd half is a must. The Hokies are struggling and some adrenaline and momentum would go a long way to getting their feet back under them.