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Talking Turkey goes over the Hokies’ Wake Forest Loss

Jay joins Bryan and John as we go over the loss, and look at what is facing the team as they head to Louisville, Kentucky next Saturday. GO HOKIES!!!

Loved this Uniform
John Schneider - SB Nation

So, it’s Wake Forest wrap up podcast time. Jay is still home, so he joins Bryan and John to go over the loss, and see if there is something to salvage or learn from the game.

Some ‘Observations’ on the Game

  1. The game was winnable. Tech left 19 points on the field due to incomplete or flubbed drives. The stats (other than the interceptions) were not horrid.
  2. The Defense was not the problem once they got their adjustments made. Wake only scored 6 points in the second half.
  3. The Offense was just “not good”. The run was actually working and the Hokies abandoned it. Herbert should have gotten more touches, and Hooker might not have been passing well, but he was running.
  4. The Defensive Line did struggle but seemed to recover and managed to sack Hartman 3 times.
  5. The officiating was terrible. There were bad calls all the way around, but when you are behind, that stuff makes things worse.
  6. Louisville is not as good as everyone predicted, but won convincingly last weekend, and has a star running back who is going to be a challenge to stop.

There aren’t any clips of any big performances or notables this time. Given the general performance of the team, getting notices might be a bit slim.

James Mitchell is Still a Star

It was Tight Ends weekend, and James Mitchell did score the Hokies’ one and only touchdown.

So, Let’s Talk Turkey

It’s Louisville Week, so we’ll start having some review things with them. We’ll be doing a question and answer article exchange with the Cardinals’ SB Nation site, and the Preview Podcast will be out around Friday.

As Always,