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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Louisville Cardinals: Official Gobbler Country Game Thread

It’s nearly time for kickoff. It’s cool. It’s Halloween. It’s a blue moon. It’s football happening and a game that should be a regular feature of both of these programs’ schedules. Louisville brings good linebackers and a good running game. Tech brings a very good run game and a super offensive line. Lots of questions to answer. GO HOKIES!!!

It was 2017, it was ODU, and we had a defense...
John Schneider - SB Nation

It’s five minutes of 4 on the very last day of Eastern Daylight Time for 2020. It’s been one of “those” years. Most teams have struggled with not enough team practices, personnel outages, last minute surprises, and uneven play on the field.

The 3-2 Hokies need this win to get back on a winning track, and test to see if they have built some personnel momentum and gotten critical players back into playing shape.

More Questions than Answers

No one is kidding anyone, getting a practiced and prepped team together for each game has been a real challenge for the coaching staff. Heck, just getting a full coaching staff has been an issue this season.

  • Will Virginia Tech get most of its starting players on the field for this one?
  • Will the newly found (and then briefly lost for the last game) running game get re-discovered?
  • Will Hendon Hooker’s passing woes get fixed?
  • Will the offense adjust to whatever the Cardinals throw at them?
  • Will the defense manage to get some critical stops and contain the Louisville running attack?
  • Will Louisville’s quarterback return to last season’s form and cause us problems in the air?
  • Will the Hokie secondary be used to help stop the run, or is it going to be in stop the gash mode, again?
  • Do we rediscover Tre Turner and Tayvion Robinson under the zone?

The answers to those questions are about to unfold. The Hokies need to fix some serious play calling problems, and make solid incremental adjustments. So, Hokie Nation, adjust your seats, get your keyboards warmed up. Find your gifs... it’s time to play football.