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Virginia Tech Hokies Lead the Louisville Cardinals 21-14 at the Half.

That’s not good news though. The Cardinals have scored 14 unanswered points, and the Hokie Offense seems to be really stalled out and confused. Hokies will get the ball back first in the 2nd half, and needs to figure out how to get a drive for a TD going.

Getting ready for the 2nd half is going to take some energy.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Virginia Tech won the toss and elected to kick off. Louisville listed 9 players, many were in the defensive line. The first snap ended up being a big sack by Justus Reed, but Javeon Hawkins got the help of a big hold and ran for a -10 holding penalty. Hokies get a 4 for 3 and out with Louisville deep in their own territory. Louisville’s backup punter only got the ball to mid field.

And on first down Tech runs a zone stretch around the end and Khalil Herbert grabs 27 yards to start Tech’s possession off. The Herbert and Hooker Show just kept slicing down the field and pushed the Louisville defensive line into their own end zone. Hendon Hooker scored on a 7 yard run to cap the drive in which not one throw happened. 7 – 0 Hokies

Hokies John Parker-Romo blew the ball out of the end zone on the kick. The Cardinals looked to get something moving to Tutu Atwell underneath for a 1st down. But Divine Deablo and Alan Tisdale got early contact stops to make it a must pass and Justus Reed gets a huge sack to end the series.

Hokies get the ball on their own 20 after a nominal return by Tayvion Robinson. It was a complete change… the Hokies started moving the ball through the air with some nice touch throws to James Mitchell and Tre Turner. The drive looked promising until it reached that 40-35 yard no man’s land zone. Tech ran two pass plays that ended up with a two yard loss to a bubble screen to Turner and then a sack on Hooker who had no intermediate routes to throw to. The 3rd and long was hit with a 15 yard facemask penalty on Brock Hoffman after getting the ball into field goal range. So Bradburn kicked it into the end zone and Louisville gets the ball back on their 20.

After a few yards and a few mistakes, Louisville’s quarterback threw the ball to Devin Taylor. The first play of the series and Tre Turner was called on a hold reversing a big run by Khalil Herbert. But Tre Turner made up for the hold with a nice crossing route on the 3 yard line. The connection put the Hokies at 1st and goal.. Of course that’s Hendon Hooker run range and Tech scored on the next play. 14 – 0 Hokies

Cardinals take over on their 25 after a JP-R touchback. Louisville got a 1st down on a naked boot leg quick flip to the tight end, but they had to work hard to move the ball. The first quarter ended with the Cardinals still in their own territory. Note: Emmanuel Belmar is playing this weekend. Louisville ran a wheel pass downfield to the Hokie 40. Cunningham ran another naked boot (needed to spy that better) and managed to get the ball close to first down territory. Louisville elected to go for it on 4th down, and Hawkins was TFL’d for a huge loss and a turn over on downs. Hokies get the ball in good territory.

So the Hokies start on their own 32, Hendon Hooker called his own number on a QB sweep that wasn’t. It was an RPO that left Tre Turner out in the deep flat for a pass to the Cardinal 32… then Khalil Herbert puts the ball on the 3. After a few aborted plays on 4th and 1 Hendon Hooker went over the pile for his 3rd touchdown on the ground. 21 – 0 Hokies

The Cardinals got to return the kick, but it was covered by Chamarri Conner at the 22. Unfortunately he also was called for a face mask so the Cardinals started in really good field position. An incomplete pass and a short gainer. Atwell leaked out on a scramble for a big play on 3rd and 6. On the next play Louisville who is in total pass mode, got called for a hold to make it 1st and 20. Then a holding call downfield was called (a really ticky tack call, btw). After that, the Hokie defense sort of had a break down and Louisville scored in the air. 21 – 7 Hokies

The Hokies started off with a promising 8 yard run by Raheem Blackshear and then inexplicably called a dive play and then some sort of inside dive RPO concept for 3rd and 3. Hokies ended up punting instead of driving. Louisville ended up with a chance to score points instead of walking into the locker room for halftime down 14.

Louisville started off on their drive on their 18 after a big punt by Bradburn. Louisville tried a pass to open their series which fell incomplete and ran an outside toss for 3 yards. Javeon Hawkins took an option around the end to gain a 1st and a big play. Then on the ensuing action, Divine Deablo ended up with the ball on a tip drill interception to end the drive.

The offense died a horrid death, with poor play calling and after a punt, Javeon Hawkins broke a 3rd down and long for a 90 yard touchdown with the Hokie defense looking for a pass and in prevent. Tech gets the ball at the beginning of the 2nd half, but given the last three offensive possessions the offense needs to get back to where it was in the first quarter. 21-14 Hokies