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Virginia Tech Hokies Move Up to 19 in the AP and Up in the Coaches to 18

So, Tech finally gets noticed by the AP Sports Writers. The Hokies jump a big 7 places from 26 to 19. They nearly jumped as high on the Coaches’ Poll. too ending up the weekend’s effort at 18. It was a team win, but #21 was the shining element that made the entire thing special. GO HOKIES!!!

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NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Duke
It was a running game for Tech... Herbert+Blackshear+Burmeister on the ground.
Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

We know some of you aren’t that big into the Polls. Frankly, it’s not big on our list of college football traditions to keep. The Polls come from a time and place where there were no real benchmarks to tell one conference’s teams from another. Of course almost everyone in fandom wants to know who’s best. Well, football is supposed to be a contest on the field, and not in the heads of some sports writers and various distracted coaches. What most people who have votes, seem to go for are their favorites. They vote for the big money programs with lots of big money stars on the teams. The reality is that the polls really rate how the voters feel about the programs, and the results on the field are largely secondary.

So, that being said, we still need to cover the polls because, well, they are a part of college football, like it or not, and the conversation is the point of all of this, isn’t it?

AP Finally Recognizes What They Should Have Last Weekend

This week, the AP Poll was almost a shocker to the system. Tech had finished out of the top 25 after putting a beat down on NC State. Well, that caused its own sort of gas, and we will admit to pulling on the pump handle a bit. This weekend, however, the sports writers seemed to take a bit of notice and Virginia Tech finished at #19.

The Coaches’ Poll put the Hokies a Notch Higher at 18

The USA Today Amway Coaches’ Poll was a bit more realistic last week, and the Hokies jumped up five places to grab the 18 spot. That was a nice pickup to go with the big 7 place AP Jump. Maybe someone noticed that for the second week in a row, the Hokies were missing 2 dozen critical people. This time it was two primary assistant coaches (Smith and Hamilton) and all four starting and backup Cornerbacks, with Defensive captain Safety Divine Deablo out of action, too. I am still wondering how they pulled it off, and when this season is over if someone doesn’t recognize the work and effort put into this team by the coaching staff, led by Justin Fuente, then that’s just sad. Frankly the team pulled off another miracle on the football field. Even Herbie made notice for Fuente’s emergency backstop effort:

It was ALL about this sort of effort from the entire team

Look, this was a team win, from the #2 QB, to the new #1 and #2 running backs supported by a two deep beastly nasty Offensive Line, an revamped and sack happy defensive line, and a whole three starters in the defensive backfield supported by 3rd stringers and practice squad guys. The team effort was just outstanding, and the individual highlights were allowed by the unsung guys in the trenches. No one is going to forget this game any time soon, and let’s hope that Khalil Herbert’s ceiling is still mile high. His effort (for which he graciously and humbly credited his offensive line) was one to remember.

Leaving it up to a happy, and proud, but humble Head Coach to Finish This:

The week’s summaries are on the way. Today is time to reflect a bit, and remember that next week the Hokies are going to have to prepare to go to Chapel Hill and take on the Tar Heels, in a contest that is sure to be as electric and close as it was in 2019.

So, Fall is here! Football is happening - in fits and starts... and a bit weird at times, but it’s happening. Most of all the Hokies are overcoming adversity to rise to a solid 2-0 start with a crippled roster, and a bunch of players few people have ever considered.

As we always say,