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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Goes Over the Hokie Win at Duke

Bryan and John go over the big win on Saturday. Look at some standouts, and get ready to start UNC week. Lots to talk about on a gritty, shorthanded, and wonderful win. GO HOKIES!!!

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Duke
The 2020 Hokie Defense has an attitude
Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

The Sports World Gives Out It’s Kudos

We’ve already mentioned the first big set of awards for last week to go out, and those were the college football poll numbers announced on Sunday afternoon. Tech ended up 19th in the AP Sports Writers’ Poll, and 18th in the USA Today Amway Coaches’ Poll. That was pleasing enough, but we all know that Monday, various outfits start noticing players and performances.

ACC Player of the Week Award

So, we usually get just one mention, maybe two. Take a look at the results from this week:

Tech managed to get three different players in on four awards. The Offensive Line gets some love because Left Tackle Christian Darrisaw earned an Offensive Lineman of the Week Award (it was a co sort of thing with someone from Clemson). Emmanuel Belmar was tearing it up on the D-Line, and folks noticed so he made Defensive Lineman of the week. And then there were two big awards for Running Back and Specialist of the week to go to none other than Khalil Herbert. That’s really amazing for a week where by Friday afternoon the coaching staff wasn’t even sure that they had enough players to start the game.

I was hoping for a clip of this on Twitter. Do you want to know how good and unselfish a player Khalil Herbert is?

That gracious. Everyone in Hokie Nation who ever played football at any level, and suited up with a number above 55 to grind it out in the trenches just smiled with pride and I bet the Vice Squad did, too. It’s probably why Herbert is so good. We are really happy that he’s a Hokie.

And between the two (Khalil and his Vice Squad), this is what they do:

So, Now Let’s Talk Turkey

It’s Carolina Week. The next Podcast is going to cover the preview for the #8 (we’ll see about that) Carolina Tar Heels game. It’s a noon ABC broadcast deal. It’s supposed to be raining and nasty. We remember that particular situation back a few years ago.