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Virginia Tech Hokies Miss the AP and Coaches Top 25s for the 2nd Week

The news is a little better though, the Hokies received 11/37 votes respectively in each poll. One would have hoped for some more movement, but it’s going to take two more wins before there is convincing evidence that Tech has gotten over its foibles. GO HOKIES!!!!

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It’s the Hokie Bird from the 2016 Liberty Game
John Schneider - SB Nation

Some wins are more convincing than others, and the churn in the wins and losses for the weekend made it difficult for two loss teams to crack the top 25. Ranks. There are more than a few one loss teams that took big hits in both polls.

Of teams to note for big downward shifts were North Carolina and Michigan. Big Blue and the Heels both nearly fell out of the USA TODAY Amway Coaches’ Poll dropping 11 each to 24 and 25 respectively. The AP was kinder to Michigan and they took a 10 point plummet to 23rd, but UNC was hard it and dropped out to “Other’s Receiving Votes” - like Tech.

Of real interest to us, is the appearance of next week’s home opponent, an undefeated Liberty University, appearing in its first AP Poll at #25. That makes next week’s contest a bit more interesting, but it also puts pressure on the Hokies because Liberty is no longer a cake walk since it’s been taken over by old big time college coach, Hugh Freeze. Liberty is no longer a cupcake weekend break for a good hard scrimmage. It’s going to be a tough FBS football game. Winning it would definitely get Tech’s stock up a bit.

So for some brags for the effort this weekend, we’ll dish out our own superlatives.

Khalil Herbert Goes Over 100 yards

For the 5th time in six games.

Herbert’s impact on the running game has been a significant contributor to the better performance of the Hokie Offense. That output is what’s kept us in games, and more often than not, ahead.

Hendon Hooker was Really Excellent Saturday

In fact, he was perfect in the pass, and rarely got stuffed on runs. Three Touchdowns on the ground was stellar. The only thing that hurt him was having no touchdown passes; but when you’re scoring them on the ground at that clip, that’s not such a painful nick in the record. Hendon was back to being Hendon on Saturday.

The Fuente Post Game Presser had Zero Coach Talk, and Total Frankness

So, he’s proud of the effort, and frankly a bit concerned about the secondary having some issues but his evaluation was interesting because instead of staring out into space uttering banal coach palaver... He was answering questions earnestly and honestly. This season, that approach is going to win him more fans than not. This whole COVID season is a logistical, tactical, and strategic nightmare. He’s surfing it better than many other coaches. Hokies still had players out this weekend and even needed to get TyJuan Garbutt some time on the field due to lack of depth on the D-Line.

Who Wants to See Hendon Fly, Again Next Week?

I certainly do. So, we are back in the voting in both polls. We have to concentrate on beating a tough Liberty team coming to Lane next weekend.

One Game at a Time