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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey has a Good Ole Rant

Well folks, Bryan and John don’t completely agree about everything, but no one really wanted to jaw about the game. It was rant time. There are a couple of superlatives, but mostly it’s all about getting ‘it’ in the open. GO HOKIES!!!

What it looks like from the Press Box
John Schneider - SB Nation

In the Beginning Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College fielded a football team on October 21, 1892. They played a Lutheran Boys’ School, Saint Albans (from Radford). I don’t even know if there was a nickname or mascot for the team back then. They wore Gray and Black, (Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange would come in ‘94) and the Fighting Gobblers wouldn’t be born until like around the teens. But there are pictures of that gang of rouges in various places. We can’t publish it here, no permission, but it would make a great wall sized print for the Hokie themed man-cave.

Since then, Virginia Tech has had its ups, downs, cheers. There are three official; ‘A’ Company Cheer, Old Hokie, and Rah Tech!) We have TWO fight songs. Tell us, what school has two hummable fight songs? The one thing that strung everything together between school name changes (4 that I remember), colors, mascots, and a growing changing campus. Was the joy and fun of the Fall goings on of Game Day.

Before we launch into the Podcast Rant (We’ll put an article together about whatever superlatives and notices came out for the team a bit later.) we need to be truly honest about separating our feelings as Hokie fans, from our perspective and humanity. Football players and coaches are human beings. They have dignity and feelings. The same goes for the coaching staffs. They have families, and work to do their best to produce a winning product on the field. They also have dignity.

Before listening to this, and doing your own ranting, it’s important to understand that “things aren’t just done”. There are contractual and legal issues everywhere. In this hypersensitive age, we need to all engage the brain before putting the mouth (or fingers into gear). Perspective is a necessity. This is entertainment, and when it ceases to be that, it becomes cruel, heartless, and vicious. As long as it’s treated as entertainment, it’ll be fun. Let’s concentrate on the fun part, sometime.

So, Let’s Talk Turkey

As Always,