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Virginia Tech Hokies are Still Getting Noticed

Despite the negative feelings about the team from some sectors of Hokie Nation, there are actually good, solid things about this football team that make you step back and think some. GO HOKIES!!!!

Happy times in 2016. Revenge against ECU.
John Schneider - SB Nation

The Offensive Line is No Joke

Look the O-Line is solid. The two-deep there is steady and the line is getting graded highly by Pro Football Focus. It’s coming in second behind Notre Dame with an 88.2.

The success of the Vice Squad is not a trivial matter. Building excellence over years requires a start, and then a sustained level of success. Right now, Vance Vice is knocking it out of the park in putting up physical, intimidating, and dominating offensive line play. We haven’t seen anything this good in more than a decade.

So How is that Offense, Again? Explosive is the Word

The Offense is averaging just a shade over 7 yards a play. Again, it’s not a trivial figure, and marks something significant at just past the mid-point of the season.

Just in Case We Want to Slack Off on the Criticism of the Secondary

This little choice stat pops up. Remember Chamarri Conner is not really a Cornerback, he’s a Safety, and Dorian Strong is just a true Freshman. The stats are something that maybe the readership might look at, again.

The Building Blocks for an Improved Defensive Line are There

Amare Barno is pulling off a few surprises even though folks are fuming and can’t see through their elevated blood pressure. Here’s an interesting statistic for this late in the season.

Tackles for Loss is what we want out of defensive linemen. Maybe Barno can get this to spread across from End to End.

Hendon Hooker Gets Better and Better

Hooker looks like he’s shaken off the Wake issues, and is now starting to accelerate in his stats and notices from the evaluators.

How About this One. Got an Urge to Come Back to School for Another Degree?

The Athletic Department is looking for recruiting assistants.

Maybe some of you complaining about the recruiting could get another Bachelor’s or Master’s and put an ear to the phone and a finger to the dial.

The rain has been heavy and steady for most of the day, in Blacksburg. The thunderstorms are wondering through, and that means at this time of year our little flirtation with 70 degree days should be coming to an end. This is usually a cold front barreling up the New River Valley, and the weekend kick might be in relatively cool temps. We’ll see. Another noon game and against an opponent that the Hokies can ill afford one of their famous noon kickoff slow starts.

It’s Miami Week and there is no home field advantage with the stadium nearly empty, again.

We’ll be talking about it and the previews will be out at the regular times.

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