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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Goes Over the Miami Game

It’s the Wednesday wrap game as we head into Pitt week coverage. Join Bryan and John as they talk about the Miami Game.

Back when Pitt almost grabbed it on the 1 - Cam grabbed this one, though
John Schneider - SB Nation

So Tech Tied for 2nd in Something

Sacksburg seems to be back, Virginia Tech is tied for 2nd in sacks for the season. But Pitt is #1 with 8 more. It seems that the O-Line is going to be working hard.

Team and Community Good Work

The Hokies and one of our local retail food chains have been teaming up to get critical food to Southwest Virginia. People tend to forget, because NOVA is so wealthy, that there are places with endemic poverty in the Commonwealth. Southwest Virginia is one of those places where families struggle to put food on the table. This work is an form UT PROSIM and I am sure the families who have food because of it appreciate it greatly.

So, Let’s Talk Turkey

And It’s on to Pitt Week

A note, Pitt lost a week of practice and just restarted on Tuesday after their last week cancellation. That’s not necessarily going to make this game easier. We’ll talk about it over the next few articles.

Meanwhile Dax is the image for Pitt Week:

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