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It was Senior Day for the Hokie Bird in 2017.
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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Previews the Pitt Game

Bryan and John talk about the up coming Pitt game. It’s been a pins and needles sort of wait to see if it would even make the schedule. But it looks like things are brewing, and the team is on the way to Pittsburgh to the ‘Big Ketchup’ to play one of our old Big East nemesis teams. Comment, take the poll, and get ready. GO HOKIES!!!!

The trip to Pittsburgh isn’t too long by air. It almost takes longer to get to the airports than it does to actually fly from Roanoke to Pittsburgh. The trip seems to have been a bit wearing on the Tech football team, going all the way back to the Big East days. Pitt always manages to be up for the game, and this season is going to be no different. The one difference is that Justin Fuente seems to have nibbled away at the Panther curse, and currently holds a winning record (3W - 1L) with the Panthers.

The offensive line is going to be challenged. The running game might need a boost from the passing game to loosen up the field, and the sometimes fickle Pittsburgh weather might play tricks (especially the swirling weird wind for field goal kicks).

Game Conditions

The Weather Underground Folks are predicting that by game time, the Western Pennsylvania weather is going to be cloudy/overcast and relatively cool. (Low 50’s to high 40’s) but there doesn’t seem to be any real prediction of rain. With an artificial turf field, and the configuration of the stadium, the mild predicted wins, at 5 or so mph looks like a non factor in the kicking game. That might be very important for this particular match up.


It’s the standard away gear for the Hokies on Saturday.

Nothing fancy for the work day, I suppose.

The #25 Jersey Award

Jalen Holston played a fine game on Saturday, despite the results. He was hustling on Offense, but lots of folks miss that he’s also a Special Teams stalwart, and this week was awarded the coveted #25 jersey.

Let’s Talk Turkey

It’s Poll Time


Let’s see how you feel about the game.

This poll is closed

  • 41%
    The Pitt defense stones the Hokie run game, and passing issues persist. The Hokie D plays well but Pickett manages to pass effectively. Pitt takes the home win by a TD with a low 40 point O/U
    (16 votes)
  • 25%
    Hokies get good blocking. Run the ball better than expected. Hooker has a solid game at QB. Tech manages to sack Pickett enough to stop the Pitt O. Tech takes it by 4 mixing FGs and few TD’s for a modest 50 point O/U.
    (10 votes)
  • 12%
    It’s a fighting draw with Pitt and Tech trading punts, stalled drives, and field goals. Pickett manages some deep passes that turn the low wattage scoring into a 4 point win for Pitt. O/U of 45.
    (5 votes)
  • 20%
    Hokies get the running game working against a stale Pitt Line. The Hokie D sacks Picket with no sneaky scrambles. The Tech O manages a few good drives. Tech gets a win by 7 with an O/U around 50.
    (8 votes)
39 votes total Vote Now

Wrapping It and Going Out on a Limb

Look, no one is fooling anybody. Neither of these teams is horrible, and neither of these teams have come anywhere near doing what they wanted to do in this freaky season. Both are struggling with personnel issues, and other mandated restrictions making practices, conditioning, and game planning a nightmare. Pitt is just off a week of a postponed game, and restricted (as in none allowed) practices. They just got back on the field on Tuesday. Tech has been getting largely full practice time, and can build off of last week’s improved defensive performance. I see this as a close game... it’ll be an old fashioned football grinder with strength against strength and the team that gets to convert an opportunity once or twice will be the winner. I think the Hokies just might be able to pull out a win from this one, but frankly I do not think that it will be very pretty.

24-20 Hokies

As Always,


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