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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Pittsburgh Panthers: Gobbler Country Game Thread

It’s a real COVID kind of game. Pitt and Tech come into the contest each knotted up at 4-4. Tech has a solid Offensive Line, a good QB situation, and good running backs. Unfortunately the Panthers live off of stuffing the run. It’s strength against strength in the ‘Big Ketchup”. GO HOKIES!!!

There is no Sandman at Heinz Field
John Schneider - SB Nation

So, it’s five minutes before the kick off. It’s cool and cloudy across the Alleghenies and up past West Virginia. At one time, Pittsburgh (Fort Pitt) was part of the Virginia Colony’s Northwest Territories surveyed and then fought over by George Washington, himself. So, Tech and Pitt renew their annual battle. Maybe we need some sort of trophy to trade back and forth with them. It’s gotten to be a regular fist fight.

So, what’s the gimmick for this game? Sometimes it’s the cold, we often face Pitt at the end of the season. It’s not going to be particularly cold for the game. Sometimes the teams are wildly out of kilter with one or the other being demonstrably better. This time they are really about even in talent and matchups. Other times it’s just been a grudge match because last time the other team won and it’s revenge in the offing. Maybe the Panthers are a bit sore since Fuente’s Hokies have a 3-1 game advantage over them, with 2 close ones and one embarrassment each...

We’d Really Like Good Answers to These:

  • Can the Offensive Line get some traction against Pitt’s defense?
  • Can Hendon Hooker recover from the his 4th quarter fade from last week?
  • Is Khalil Herbert health enough to play enough snaps and get enough touches to make a difference?
  • Is the Secondary up to defending against Pitt’s only offensive strength - Kenny Pickett’s passing game?
  • Can we play four full quarters?
  • Will our defensive line get to Pickett enough that the linebackers can drop back into coverage and help get some turnovers?

Lots to think about, and the game is about to start.

As Always,