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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Goes Over the Louisville Win

Join Bryan and John as they go over the Louisville win, look at a few of the issues that cropped up and then sneak a peak at the game this weekend with #25 (AP) Liberty. There are some nice awards and some interesting items to go with it. GO HOKIES!!!

Greg Stroman defends a Liberty Pass in the 2016 Game
John Schneider - SB Nation

The Post Game Kudos Start Coming In

So with wins and high level performances, there come some notices and weekly awards. The Hokies get a few nods at the ACC and PFF levels.

First though Let’s Cheer for something that we haven’t seen in quite a while. Virginia Tech has the leading Runningback in College Football. Khalil Herbert went 134 with a touchdown, this weekend. It doesn’t take committees of people to judge where that puts him. The numbers tell it all.

But Pro Football Focus College is still tracking him at the top of their survey list, too. Making it real Juice... making it real.

A huge part of the triumph of Khalil Herbert’s running contribution to the Hokies is the direct responsibility of the offensive line, and that’s lead by ACC lineman of the week, Brock Hoffman at Center. The Defense was noticed for the secondary’s ball hawking magic, and Chamarri Conner makes another Interception and Another Good Impression. Both players make the list for the second time this season.

Well, Pro Football Focus concentrates on the potential next level notices in performance for each week, and over the season. This weekend, PFF noticed that Hendon Hooker had a near perfect performance, and put him on a tie for 4th on their list. Why the losing QB got a higher notice is for the “huh?” books but it must be that long bomb, but didn’t they notice the 3 picks?

NCAA Nation seems to think that his performance was even better.

So, Let’s Talk Turkey

Hokies in the NFL

On another fun note, there is a someone out in the NFL who seems to be winning rather well of late. Guess What BA is, Besides the Head Coach of the Buccaneers.

We’ll update everyone on a Hokies in the NFL trip around the league later this week.

As Always,