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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Liberty Flames: Gobbler Country Game Thread

So, it’s that time of the week, and it’s a noon kickoff. The Flames visit Lane a different team than when they first came to town in 2016. They’re ranked and much better. It’s going to be a challenge. GO HOKIES!!!

Lane’s looking a whole bunch like this.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Well, it’s five minutes before the official start of the show, and there are lots of questions on our minds as the Hokies prepare to run out into a nearly empty Lane Stadium to face a team that seems to have had a serious turn around in its fortunes. Liberty is undefeated, and ranked 25th in the AP poll. Tech is hovering right outside the top 25 voting. Will a win help? It won’t with the conference, but this is real. Virginia Tech need a solid performance and win in this, the one non-conference, game.

Questions Questions Questions

  • Can Tech overcome their non-game blahs and get a significant score on their first drive, or a significant stop if they’re on defense?
  • Is Liberty going to key on Herbert and the run game?
  • Is the Offensive line going to continue its dominance?
  • If Tech is running well, will we see much passing from Hendon Hooker?
  • Is Liberty’s dual threat Quarterback going to drive the Hokie Defense crazy or do they get him and keep him in a bag?
  • Does the game end up being a score trading shootout?
  • Will Hokie play calling rise above the rudimentary level?
  • What’s the Tech score ceiling today? Are they going over 40? Can the run game put up over 300 yards? Are Special Teams going to play a big role?

The questions keep occurring, and are begging for answers. The wiseguys in the betting world see us as 14/14.5 point favorites. We all know that never seems to work out the way that they figured.

We’ll see the answers in a minute so.