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Fan confidence bounces back after dipping to a record low

The Wake Forest loss shook a lot of supporters, but the win over Louisville seems to have started the healing process.

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NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

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After getting back on track with a win over Louisville last week, confidence among Virginia Tech fans has bounced back. We missed last week’s survey results, but as you’ll see below the Hokies fan base was not happy following the loss to Wake Forest and the offense’s struggles.

Fan confidence dipped all the way down to 45%, which is the lowest single grade I can recall for either the basketball or football program since the SB Nation Reacts surveys started. Despite the unique situation that the team is having to playing in and the significant amount of players who have missed time, for a lot of respondents the one touchdown loss to Wake Forest was a defining moment.

Well the Hokies’ offense returned in the 42-35 victory over Louisville, as did 20% of those fans. Fan confidence is back up to 65% as Tech heads into this weekend’s non-conference game against Liberty.

Some of the top teams in the country this week face off in games that could shape the playoff picture. No. 8 Florida plays No.5 Georgia in a game that 69 percent of fans across the country think the Bulldogs will win.

But the game the that most ACC fans will care far more about is top-ranked Clemson against No. 4 Notre Dame. Once again two-thirds of fans believe the Tigers will pull out the win, even as their star quarterback stays on the sidelines.

One team that had hoped to participate in the playoffs this year was Michigan. However, after their upset loss to Michigan State last weekend, that seems like a long shot. After the loss, fans were asked who is the most overrated coach in the country. Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh took over 50 percent of the vote.

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