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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Previews the Virginia Tech Hokies vs Virginia Cavaliers

Redemption Saturday? Perhaps. The Hokies and an empty, cold Lane Stadium host the Virginia Cavaliers for their annual brew-ha-ha.. and bragging rights to the Commonwealth Cup. The Hokies are wounded and in a downward spiral. The Hoos are on an upswing. Can the Hokies muster the pride to keep the cup in Blacksburg or is it just a visit?

2018’s Hoo Visit ended favorably after an exciting OT.
John Schneider - SB Nation

It’s a Senior Night contest. A COVID crippled night game in Lane Stadium with almost no fans, and only the energy that the players can muster for themselves. The Hoos are on a big upswing, the Hokies on a four game skid that never seems to have any chance of ending even if the games are close.

Game Conditions

Saturday the weather at kickoff is expected to be in the mid-50s and partly cloudy. In other words, MEH... It would have been a great game to photograph because the temps and conditions are perfect for hustling up and down the sidelines and behind the end zones. But that’s not going to happen. So we’ll just have to pacify ourselves with watching on the television.


That is not to say anyone would object, but the Nike contract smells to high heaven, because there certainly aren’t any cool unis this season. Maybe they’re going with the maroon pants because the white ones are all torn up? Who knows, the beatings will continue until morale improves, eh?

The Number is a Repeat. Congratulations Divine!

Divine is one of the last players of the Beamer Era, and he goes out wearing his coach’s number. That’s going to be a really special thing for this fine young man. Someone is going to grab him up for the next level. He’s all Hokie.

Awards and Post Season Selections

Sadly, because of the COVID crisis, this game is not going to be played, but the honor in being selected is still significant. Divine Deablo and Rayshard Ashby have been selected for the East-West Shrine Bowl activities.

Kahlil Herbert is ending the season with lots of notices.

It’s time to Talk Turkey

Your Turn, Chime in for the Last Football Poll of 2020


So, it’s probably the final football poll for the season. What say you?

This poll is closed

  • 29%
    The end of the season was the missed TD at the end of the 1st half of the Clemson game. Hoos by a lot and he O/U doesn’t matter.
    (20 votes)
  • 44%
    The Hokies manage a pride performance and the concepts of the Clemson game carry into this one. Hokies win by a TD. O/U 60
    (30 votes)
  • 11%
    The Hoo Offense just can’t be stopped. Neither can the Hoos stop the Hokies. Shoot Out of 80+ combined points. Brian Johnson gets redemption. Hokies by 2.
    (8 votes)
  • 14%
    So it’s’ a full on defenseless Big XII shootout, and the Hoos have the ball last. They score with too little time on the clock to respond. 4pt spread O/U 85
    (10 votes)
68 votes total Vote Now

The Game Prediction

We know next to nothing, along with too much. We know that the Hokies have flashes of brilliance followed by crashing mistakes and fading stamina. We’ve seen brilliant drives followed up by mind numbing lead headed 3 and outs. We’ve been frustrated at a defense that gets two quality plays to put a team in 3rd and long, and still repeatedly give up the first down. It’s just been one of ‘those’ seasons. Almost nothing has worked right since the 5th game of the season. There was just no sustaining the effort. Let’s hope that the team scrapes up its pride, and manages to put the cup back in the display case in Merriman.

In truth, I really don’t think that is going to happen. It’s just not in the 2020 cards.

34 - 20 Hoos (and that folks is the most painful prediction that I have ever written up...period) Please let me be wrong.