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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Virginia Cavaliers: Gobbler Country’s Game Thread

Last Game! Senior night. The Hoos brought the hardware, are they bringing their game? Are the Hokies? Join in and comment, gif, and in general sound off. It’s probably the final game of the clunky weird and disappointing 2020 season. Can the Hokies grab just a small measure of redemption, this evening? GO HOKIES!!!

Wish this was the scene in the West Stands.
John Schneider - SB Nation

It’s going to be the mid-40’s and the weather in Blacksburg has been lightly breezy and partly cloudy all day. I got the snow blower running after a 2 year nap. That was a good thing. It’s very quiet for a game day. It’s exam week, and the students who are still in town are busy studying for finals and finishing their last set of papers. Lane Stadium will, again, be relatively empty as ordered by the state. All in all it’s a lovely day for a football game, and a beautiful time of the year. EXCEPT...

  • Who is playing quarterback? We hear that Burmeister is starting, and Hooker will be available. That’s okay, but sad in many ways.
  • Is the team really up for this? There has been no amount of negativity, and bad vibes cast at Merriman and Jamerson Halls over the past few months. It has to weigh on the players’ minds.
  • Can the limited Hokie Offense mix it up enough to take advantage of a struggling Virginia Defense?
  • Can the struggling Virginia Tech Defense get enough critical leverage on Brennan Armstrong to disrupt a high scoring Wahoo offense?
  • If it devolves into a shootout, will the Hokies have the stamina to keep up with the Hoos?
  • What happens after the game? Do the players lift the cup and say farewell to a truly awful season, and prepare to come back stronger?


  • Does the cup get loaded back onto a bus to spend another year in Charlottesville with the Hokies struggle with everything in the post season?

Seniors will be Honored in front of Cardboard Cut Outs

The List of seniors is pretty large, and full of names we’ve come to know and love.

We will miss them as players, but they are Hokies for Life, now so we’ll see them, again.

Let’s Hope my prediction is completely wrong, and the Hokies do something special this evening.