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The Virginia Tech Hokies End 2020 - Opting Out of Postseason

This isn’t particularly new news, we all saw Coach Fuente announce it this morning at the big presser. Time to regroup, review, and look at the fall out from what will be remembered as the COVID Season.

2018 we won, and 2020 we did, too. All of the players are winners.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Well fellow football fans, as they say in the south... “Ass-it an’ there ain’t gonna be no mo” at least not until, hopefully Spring, and a new football season reignites. Perhaps we’ll get the word and cleared that we can have a normal season with normal coverage. Let us all hope.

The reason for this? We’ll allow Offensive Lineman Austin Cannon to explain:

And, technically the streak isn’t really broken, either. If the Hokies were going to receive a bowl bid, then the Opt out shouldn’t count against the streak. We’ll argue that in the future. This team is exhausted. The coaches are tired. The staff (who have often filled in for sick coaches) is wanting a break, and the budget cuts are really putting a damper on people’s lives.

So, we put the torturous 2020 season into the flower bed where all the manure goes, and hopefully the Spring will bring nice healthy roses. If you haven’t seen Coach Fuente’s signing day press conference, please go to and listen in. It would be worth your time.

Yes, this team is going to face challenges. Bryan’s going to get the National Signing Day summary out, but it looks like we’ve rounded up all of the commitments plus a few here and there. No, they aren’t big star people. They are Lunch Pail type people. That’s where the Hokies live. Take a look at them and their Bios. It’s going to be an interesting year for them.

Expect that the Transfer Portal will start up in earnest, and we aren’t going to be alone. If the players have an explanation we’ll post it, and we are certainly going to monitor the inbound offers because we’ve benefited greatly from the portal.

It’s the quiet period, and the players are going home to their families to celebrate the holidays. The coaches and staff will, too. Maybe some Christmas and New Year’s cheer will help reinvigorate and refocus everyone, including Hokie Nation.

Bryan and I will have a podcast up to close out the football season by the weekend. Then it’s the Holidays for us, too. Even basketball gets quiet until New Year’s.

This was the players’ decision which makes it the correct one.

2021 awaits.