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Virginia Tech Hokies Post Season Accolades and Honors are Out

Well, now that the season is over and the only real stories to report will be the personnel moves and preparation for 2021, there are some really important people to honor as they awards are given out. Quite a few Hokies are showing up.

Until Spring all news is just news.
John Schneider - SB Nation

The full page writeup for the post season ACC awards is over at the HokieSports Site. And we’d like to join the chorus. This was an individual grit and determination sort of season, and these young men have honored the program and themselves.

Christian Darrisaw and Divine Deablo make the first team.

First team All ACC honors go out to Darrisaw and Deablo, both of whom are headed for the NFL Draft in April. We’ll see if they go to the Underwear Olympics.

Khalil Herbert Grabs up Two Post Season Honors 2nd Team Specialist and 3rd team Running Back and Jerrod Hewitt Makes the 3rd Team All ACC List:

Honorable Mentions Came in Pretty Thick, Too.

The powers that be recognized Lecitus Smith, Amare Barno, and Chamarri Conner in the “good on ya” but not just yet list.

You’ll have to forgive the Tweet overlap, we are at the mercy of how the AD communications guys post these images up. But Brian Johnson came up with an honorable mention as a place kicker. He only missed a few this season, and was absolutely perfect with PAT attempts.

Johnson, Darrisaw, and Herbert grabbed Pro Football Focus All-American Honors to go with those ACC honors.

Of the players leaving because of exhausted eligibility, I suppose that I will miss punter Oscar Bradburn the most. He is a special talent who challenged himself to come to a school in the mountains of Virginia. He was a special talent from the first time that he connected with a punt in a college football game. He even got to play running back and grab a surprise 1st down in a game, this season. Good Luck Oscar!!! Remember to come home now and again! Tell your mates that this is a pretty special place that they should check out.

We’ll keep any updates coming. One note.

The Bowl Streak is not dead... IMHO... It pauses for a season where bowls are evaporating, and no particular record is required for a bid. This is a freebee year that should never count for anything, including a bogus national championship. When Notre Dame gets picked.. even after being lit up like a Christmas Tree by Clemson... instead of undefeated Cincinnati... well the process is completely about money and TV viewership, and is nothing at all about football.

We’ll talk about that’ later, too.