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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Goes Over the Football Season Wrap

Bryan was taking some holiday time, so Joshua filled in for a few sessions as we wrap up the final closing moves of 2020’s Hokie Football Follies and look at a few things as we move down the road.

Will there be a Spring 2021? Dunno... We’ll be waiting.
John Schneider - SB Nation

So as we put a podcast wrap on the season, and start the build up for the recruiting runs - dark period now- and the NFL Draft coming up, there are still big notices and some changes going on.

Big Post Season Honors Continue

First, the big name AP All-American Teams have finally been announced, and Christian Darrisaw has been named to the 2nd Team.

Congratulations are in order because this selection is one of the big premium honors for every NFL bound player.

Goings, Comings, and Staying Puts

But the comings and goings will continue for a while. Jerrod Hewitt is giving the NFL Draft a try. We, here, expected it but Jerrod waited a bit before making the announcement.

Justus Reed is trying his hand at the next level, too.

Amare Barno is Staying in Blacksburg for 2021

So Is James Mitchell

The Program Honors Its Own

Christian Darrisaw, Tre Turner, and Khalil Herbert are Offensive Players of 2020 and are joined by Amare Barno, Rayshard Ashby, and Divine Deablo at 2020 Defensive Standouts.

Special Teams honors Brian Johnson’s effort this season. Tyrell Smith gets the Paul Fredrick Cobb Award.

Brian and Khalil get two more nods from the Wes Worsham and Williams - Moss Award groups.

Jerrod Hewitt, Austin Cannon, and Zachariah Hoyt pull down big recognition from the program as well.

I really don’t think that there would be too much disagreement with this final award mention. Khalil Herbert was a huge part of what was good and successful about the football program this season. He will definitely be missed.

Let’s Talk Turkey

It’s nearly New Year’s Day, and the lockdowns and restrictions are still in place. Will 2021 look like 2020? It might just be out of everyone’s hands, again.

Here’s hoping.