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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Clemson Tigers: Official Gobbler Country Game Thread

Well, it’s here. National Television on the NCAA football network, ABC. It’s Blacksburg on Game Day, the COVID edition. No crowd, no entrance, no full sidelines, no noise, AND almost NO CHANCE. Sad to say, but true. GO HOKIES!!!

It is very cold, and instead of a breeze, Blacksburg is being pounded by a 10-20mph gusting wind. It’s 39 out, but the wind chill is telling us that it’s freezing. And any high temps will be behind us when the whistle blows at 7:30ish this evening.

The Hokies haven’t announced much. And this sad sort of looking tweet might be the most out of place in a long time.

Because the most likely truths besides the game being “under the lights” like that’s something in an empty stadium, is maybe they should have said “under the bus”.

You know it’s the low tone of the bong from the bell that tolls for thee, when the questions are survival related.

  • Who starts at quarterback and will that make any sort of difference?
  • Will the Offensive Line get the kinds of play calls that will give them a chance to block Clemson’s supposedly struggling (Sure right, relative to what... it’s 4.5 stars across instead of 5 stars across?) defensive line?
  • Who’s going to be running the ball?
  • Will Corn abandon the running backs again and hang the pounding on the QB up the middle repeatedly?
  • Can the Hokies generate more offense than repeated three and outs, after kickoffs from Clemson scores?
  • Can the Tech defense manage to slow down the Clemson offense enough to not get pantsed on national television?
  • Where was COVID when we needed it? Other teams got to cancel there drubbings, why didn’t we?
  • Will we have enough players with enough drive to finish the season to play UVA, after this probable fiasco?

We’ll see. I have to be here. If I didn’t have to, I’d just be tracking the game off the sports tracker on my phone. I couldn’t bear to hear the disappointment in Jon and Mike’s voices.

Oh well, 2021 is going to be different? yes? no?

Hokies... ehhh... sigh... (h/t Jawhar)