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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Goes Over the Clemson Game

It’s Commonwealth Cup week, but we still have to wrap up the Clemson game. It wasn’t all bad, and for a half we were hanging in there. Then disaster happened and we ended up with no offense - and it had been performing respectably. We’ll go over some of the notices and updates, too. GO HOKIES!!!!

2018’s Commonwealth Cup game was the most exciting in a while.
John Schneider - SB Nation

We Want Our Cup Back

It’s Commonwealth Cup Game Week, and yes, we have a Clemson Wrap up to go over, but let’s visit a few things first. The Post Season game exposure picks are coming up, and Hokies are starting to get invitations.

Reese’s Senior Bowl Invites

Divine Deablo is attracting post season and next level attention. Congratulations Divine!!!

So, not to be outdone, Juice is getting his notices in, too. Way to go Khalil!

He was also invited to the East/West Shrine Bowl, but something tells me that he’s going to be in Alabama, practicing for peanut butter cups.

Khalil Herbert Goes Over 1000 Yards

And part of the reason is:

Christian Darrisaw doesn’t have to leave this season, but if he chooses to go, he’s going high.

We Need to Give out some Special Teams Love, that could make a huge difference in Saturday evening’s game. Brian Johnson absolutely drilled a 55 yard attempt dead center for our last points of the game. May his right foot be this golden on Saturday.

So, Now, Let’s Talk Turkey

Jawhar, Bryan, and John Hash it out a bit.

It’s big game week, so the previews start soon. It’s an evenly matched game with two teams headed in opposite W/L directions. Hokies need to end on a good note. UVA needs to bring the cup back home where it belongs.