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FanPulse Results: How do Hokies feel after the current Virginia Tech Basketball losing streak?

Fans respond after another pair of disappointing results.

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NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Virginia Tech Michael Thomas Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

No mid-week Virginia Tech basketball game this time around meant that Mike Young gets a chance to regroup his team, the squad can rest, and fans can take a mental break from a rough spell in the season. Last week we saw the FanPulse results dip to 83% a new low for the year.

However, that was followed up by the 19 point loss on the road to Georgia Tech last Tuesday night. Then on Saturday another halftime lead against Boston College slipped away, as the Eagles won 77-73 in overtime at Cassell Coliseum. So now sitting on a five game losing streak, how confident do fans remain?

Week 12 - Better than anticipated

I fully expected to see the number dip into the mid 70s or even drop in the 60s. However, I am pleased to see that Hokie Nation remains confident, mostly. After two more losses - against teams they will feel like they should have beat - overall fan confidence only dropped three points, to 80%.

A new low-mark for the season, but four out of five fans still believe in this team. It’s important to remember that the question in phrased to assess confidence in the direction of the program, not in, for example, the confidence that the Hokies will they win their next game. After losing Buzz Williams and a handful of talented players, the building blocks are here for another strong ACC squad. It may just take another season or two of recruiting. Stay strong Hokie Nation!

National Questions

This week’s poll featured two national questions, first, which team was the biggest fraud at the moment. Auburn led, barely, with 21%, just ahead of San Diego State at 19%. Although not featured in the graphic Louisville, as the only ACC school on the ballot, received 6% of the vote. Also not seen below, Dayton received 9% - clearly some people aren’t convinced even with the impressive Obadiah Toppin.

There was a second question this week asking if fans were enjoying the season overall, when factoring out how their own school was doing. 84% of voters said that they have been enjoying the 2019-20 season, which isn’t a surprise given the amount of upsets and upheaval in the top 25 rankings added new faces and dropping or removing some traditional powerhouse schools.

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