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Week 13 FanPulse Results: How is confidence in the Virginia Tech Hokies Basketball program?

A win (on Saturday) always helps.

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NCAA Basketball: Miami-Florida at Virginia Tech Michael Thomas Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

Another heart breaker for the Virginia Tech Hokies. Another overtime game for Tech, at home, against a rival - but this time they came up short in the end. The Hokies have now lost both games against Miami this year, despite being ahead of them in the ACC standings.

This week’s Fan Pulse results only factored in the weekend win over Pittsburgh. So after finally getting their first win in six games, how confident were voters?

Week 13 - Rising back up

Having a relatively quiet week followed by a win at home over Pittsburgh boosted confidence this week. 89% of fans voted that they were confident in the direction of the Hokies program, up from last week’s season low of 80%. While the Miami loss didn’t factor into this week’s poll, the fight this young team showed surely won’t dip belief much at all. By the time we vote again that game, plus the showdown with Duke this weekend will be in the books.

National Questions

The first question that went out to all voters this week was who was their current national player of the season. No surprise that the dynamic Obi Toppin from Dayton topped the results with 25%, while Luke Garza from Iowa came in second place. The only ACC representative was Vernon Cary, Jr. from Duke who received 9% of the vote.

The second question this week asked who was the best team in the ACC at the moment? As you would expect there were three clear favorites. Duke led with nearly half of the votes, followed by Florida State (27%) and Louisville (17%). Four voters actually voted for UNC, but we can assume those were as jokes. How much would Duke’s loss to NC State last night have impacted the 49% they received?

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