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Virginia Tech Hokies are Overwhelmed by Duke 88-64

The Hokies travel to Durham to face the Blue Devils at home. It was like sending a team if High School seniors to a college game. Duke was just overwhelmingly better at everything. There were some good things, though. #1 being, It was over.

NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at Duke
Nothing much was stopping the Blue Devils
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

There really isn’t much to say. Duke piled up the points early, froze out the Hokies from the paint, pushed them to take low percentage shots from 3pt range, and never let the the Hokies up to gain any sort of momentum.

It was a reminder of how young and inexperienced the Virginia Tech Hokies are. As one user Tweeted back to us, this evening.

Look this isn’t an excuse, it’s a real thing. Most of the 2019/2020 Hokies are Freshmen who were playing high school ball less than 12 months ago. Duke is Duke, and Coach K’s recruiting and development programs are some of the nations best.

We had some bright spots; however. Tyrece Radford, Isaiah Wilkins, and Hunter Cattoor scored in double digits. In fact they were most of Tech’s scoring, entirely.

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Duke Blue Devils

Player Points Assists Rebounds
Player Points Assists Rebounds
T. Radford 16 4 9
I. Wilkins 11 5 6
H. Cattoor 10 0 1
N. Alleyne 9 1 1
J. Cone 6 1 2
Three in double figures still couldn’t win it. Yahoo Sports

Mike Young will have to figure out a way to pick this team back up after these last two Ls. There is still more basketball to play and a potential NIT bid to work for. Tech has several winnable games over the next four. Duke was just not going to be (and was not) one of those games.

The next game is against the Wahoos at Cassell Coliseum on Feb 26th. The Hoos have been steadily improving. They are going to prove a more difficult challenge than they were earlier in the season. There is always hope and adrenaline from playing at home... that’s what we have.