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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Podcast Visits with Star Recruit Tyree Saunders

This week we lined up a special guest to talk about being a new Hokie and what he’s looking forward to as he gets ready to graduate from High School and head to Fall practice. Bryan and John visit with Tyree Saunders.

So with the TV cameras on is the wardrobe going to improve?
John Schneider - SB Nation

Well this week’s podcast covers some Hokie sporting news, with a few sports wrapping up and others just getting started. Stick around for segments two and three because we have a special treat. Tyree Saunders calls in to talk about being a new Hokie, how he got there from Jacksonville, Florida, and how he feels about his new role.

Bryan and John (mostly Bryan) has a great talk with Tyree. We are really pumped about him coming to Tech, and are really looking forward to seeing him on the field.

Maybe we’ll get a few shots like this one over the next four seasons... Looking forward to it Tyree.

Next wee we talk some baseball, the team is rolling with another big win against Bryant on the 28th, and a double header on March 1st.