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FanPulse Results: Hokies weigh in on the state of the Virginia Tech Basketball program

Put together a losing streak, and yeah, confidence will dip.

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NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It has not been a kind stretch for Mike Young’s team or Hokie Nation. After sitting comfortably in 4th place in the ACC, Virginia Tech has slid down to the lower depths of the middle of the conference. It’s been a struggle for the Hokies lately, but not surprising given the preseason predictions and the fact that the team is so young.

This week’s poll covers the losses to Miami and Florida State, but was completed prior to the road game in Atlanta on Tuesday. Let’s see where VT confidence stands.

Week 11 - An Expected Dip

83% of voters this week said they are still confident in the direction of the Virginia Tech Basketball program. That’s a season low for the poll, but it feels about right. For the most part people see progress, despite the recent losses. Mike Young has come in and put together 14 wins so far with almost an entirely new team. Landers Nolley and Tyrece Radford have been positive revelations.

However, anytime you lose three straight (at the time of the poll) - now four - you are going to have people lose faith. These haven’t been close losses, and often the Hokies have trailed by large margins. It’s still early days in the Mike Young era and a post-season poll will be more telling about how the fan base feels about the direction of this program.

National Question

This week all voters were asked which school has been the most pleasant surprise. With such a wild year at the top of the polls, there have been a lot of new names high in the rankings. It was a very close race between the top few choices - San Diego State took first place with 21.3%, but Baylor, Rutgers and Dayton were all close behind within a 2.5% range.

Florida State was the lone ACC representative, having put together a great season so far. Hokies was got to see their talent up close just a few days ago.

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