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Well That’s a Wrap, and Suddenly the Hokies and the ACC are Done for 2020.

In our 30 podcast show, Bryan and John talk about the end of the season for all of the ACC Sports. The Baseball and Softball teams were flying. The Wrestlers missed out on the ACC Tournament and the NCAAs. The Women’s Basketball team also missed out on their probable NCAA tournament shot.

A sunny breezy day a year in the past.
Kathryn Schneider - SB Nation

Lots of really disappointing things to talk about. It’s just a single segment, this time. Our 30th Podcast was not supposed to be about the end of the season. Bryan and John wrap up the active sports that were just shut off from full seasons.

We talk about what we are going to do with the next phase of the podcast and site coverage as this shutdown ends and things get back to normal. We have lots to cover, maybe some former Hokies will join us to talk about the new football season. Bryan’s going to begin the player reviews, and John is going to continue the Twilight series.

Keep checking back with us. We will continue to cover Virginia Tech sports. It’ll all be back in action for 2020, soon enough.