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Virginia Tech Basketball: Post-season Player Rankings #7-4

We continue our series looking back at the Hokies from the 2019-20 season.

Virginia Tech v Notre Dame Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Virginia Tech basketball season came to a quick halt, but overall proved to have more positives than many expected back at the start of the year. Mike Young’s first year saw a nearly brand new team come together in a new system in a tough conference. The freshman class shined and the future looks bright.

Now to continue our post season player rankings, this time looking at players 7 through 4. All of these players contributed consistently throughout the year and all four are expected to be back next season. If you missed part one, where we looked at players 8 through 11, you can find that here.

#7 - Hunter Cattoor

The freshman guard got the surprise start at the beginning of the season and was called on throughout the year to add hustle and a three point threat. Cattoor had a classic freshmen season featuring high scoring games and tough nights, but always seemed to have the right mentality. Shooting over 40% from deep, Cattoor should develop into a quality ACC player over the next three seasons.

  • Games Played: 31
  • Starts: 3
  • Minutes: 629
  • Average Points: 6.5
  • Shooting Percentage: .418
  • 3 Point Percentage: .402
  • Average Rebounds: 2.5
  • Total Assists: 35
  • Total Steals: 31

#6 - P.J. Horne

With all the losses from the year before Horne was forced into playing a different role for the Hokies this season. It impacted his scoring for much of the year, but he came up big in some late season ACC games. With a new forward coming in, Nolley potentially leaving the program, and the continued progression of John Ojiako, Horne may get the chance to thrive in his senior year. Either way you can expect leadership and defense; a team player and exactly what Mike Young needs as he rebuilds the program.

  • Games Played: 32
  • Starts: 30
  • Minutes: 896
  • Average Points: 7.6
  • Shooting Percentage: .447
  • 3 Point Percentage: .349
  • Average Rebounds: 4.2
  • Total Assists: 11
  • Total Steals: 23

#5 - Jalen Cone

When the VT program shuffled following Buzz Williams departure, Cone quickly reclassified to enter college a year early. He had a slow start to the year, which is expected as he adjusted from playing as a junior in high school to going up against ACC opponents. By mid-season it was clear that Cone was a confident shooter and the team’s best threat from deep. Averaging 8 points a game and hitting 45% of his threes, Jalen will be expected one of Tech’s core threats next season.

  • Games Played: 32
  • Starts: 3
  • Minutes: 589
  • Average Points: 8.0
  • Shooting Percentage: .408
  • 3 Point Percentage: .457
  • Average Rebounds: 1.1
  • Total Assists: 22
  • Total Steals: 30

#4 - Nahiem Alleyne

This ranking was tough. Tech’s top two players were clear, but 3 and 4 were a lot closer in my mind. Alleyne had a solid freshman year, averaging nearly 9 points a game. Like Cattoor he had hot and cold nights, but should really come into his own after a full summer of training for the collegiate level. With all the attention Nolley received from defenses and the media, Alleyne’s contributions as a freshman often seemed overshadowed. If Landers departs in the offseason, he will have the chance to step into a more prominent role next year.

  • Games Played: 32
  • Starts: 27
  • Minutes: 833
  • Average Points: 8.8
  • Shooting Percentage: .388
  • 3 Point Percentage: .389
  • Average Rebounds: 2.3
  • Total Assists: 46
  • Total Steals: 12

In the final piece, a look at the top three Hokies from this past season. Leave us your thoughts on these four players in the comment section below.