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Virginia Tech Hokies Defeat the Clemson Tigers in their Last Home Game: 70-58

Hokies catch and pass the Tigers near the middle of the 2nd half, take that lead to the finish. It took solid defense and consistent scoring from the entire bench. Tech ends its home schedule on a solidly good note.

NCAA Basketball: Clemson at Virginia Tech
Putting the ball in the hoop with a slam.
Michael Thomas Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

Nobody did the double double thing, but this was definitely a game for P.J. Horne and Tyrece Radford. Horne in particular, with 5 steals seemed to set the tone for the defense, but then also set the pace for the offense going 6 for 10 from the floor, but 4 of those were threes. P.J. was 4 of 7 from three point range, and no one is going to complain about that stat.

Tyrece Radford didn’t manage to steal the ball much, but his 6 rebounds (5 defensive) made a huge difference along with his point total. Radford also dished out 4 assists. Wabissa Bede played his normal game with 5 assists and 4 points. Significant bench contributors were Hunter Cattoor and Isaiah Wilkins with 9 and 8 points respectively, but each putting in less than 18 minutes on the floor.

Hokies vs. Clemson March 4th Stats

Player Points Assists Rebounds
Player Points Assists Rebounds
P.J. Horne 17 0 3
T. Radford 16 4 6
H. Cattoor 9 0 7
I. Wilkins 8 2 2
L. Nolley II 7 3 8
It was the Horne Radford show Yahoo Sports

There is one game left on the regular season schedule. The Hokies had a solid game last evening. They have a really good chance to grab another win out in South Bend. It’s a must win for any hopes of an end of season tournament bid (NIT).

This young team (there’s a pun in there somewhere) is going to grow and improve. Maybe Nolley will have some steam taken off his boiler and realize that he’s got a lot to learn. His contributions have fallen off greatly since mid-season, and his pro prospects are probably hovering below the ‘G’ league range. He’d be wise to stick with Mike Young and the Hokies for a few more years to improve his skills and his stock.

That’s all for next season. For now, there is one game left, and the hope of maybe going deep into the NIT.