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Virginia Tech Basketball: Post-season Player Rankings #1-3

We conclude ranking the Hokies from the 2019-20 basketball season.

NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at Virginia Tech Michael Thomas Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

It took some time, but we are finally wrapping up the post-season look back at the Virginia Tech basketball team. Mike Young had a strong debut season building nearly an entire team and putting together a mostly competitive year. The future looks bright for the program, but first let’s break down players ranked first through third.

If you missed the first two parts of this series, you can find them here: Part 1 (8-11) & Part 2 (4-7)

#3 - Wabissa Bede

Wabissa started the season as the face of the program, expected to lead the Hokies in minutes, handling the ball, and providing leadership for a very young team. Nahiem Alleyne provided more points on average that Bede, but Wabissa contributed more all-around performances for Tech. He led the Hokies in assists, and finished 4th in the ACC, and 1st in the conference in assists to turnover ratio. That alone is impressive enough to deserve a starting spot each game in the ACC. Coach Young and fans will expect more of the same during senior year, allowing VT’s more prominent shooters to focus on what they do best. Bede isn’t a flashly player, but he is exactly what Mike Young needs as his program rebuilds.

  • Games Played: 32
  • Starts: 32
  • Minutes: 951
  • Average Points: 5.2
  • Shooting Percentage: .370
  • 3 Point Percentage: .222
  • Average Rebounds: 3.7
  • Total Assists: 177
  • Total Steals: 33

#2 - Tyrece Radford

He is where we get to the contentious part. Many readers will likely want to see Radford in the top spot - and if we were judging just the ACC half of the season, or how the season ended then he would have a strong case for Tech’s top player. Regardless of his position Tyrece takes home the honors of most improved and biggest surprise from this past season. The freshman class was focused on Nolley and Alleyne primarily at the start, but Radford continued to progress as the year went on, developing into the Hokies top rebounder, the player with the most hustle, and a scoring threat. He finished 18th in the ACC in rebounds, despite being just 6’1”. With an impressive 60% shooting percentage, Tyrece only needs to work on his long distance shot (8%), as he steps into what should be a larger role next year.

  • Games Played: 32
  • Starts: 29
  • Minutes: 843
  • Average Points: 10.2
  • Shooting Percentage: .604
  • 3 Point Percentage: .083
  • Average Rebounds: 6.2
  • Total Assists: 55
  • Total Steals: 31

#1 - Landers Nolley

Virginia Tech entered the season loaded with questions as they opened the year on the road against Clemson. Then Landers Nolley introduced himself to the ACC and the nation with a star performance leading the Hokies to their first win of the season. When the Hokies traveled to Hawaii and upset #3 Michigan State, Nolley scored 22 to lead Tech.

By the time the season wrapped up Landers led VT in points and minutes. He finished 10th in the ACC in scoring, earning a place on the All-ACC Freshman team, and an honorable mention for the All-ACC team. How the season wound down has undoubtedly influenced the way many Tech fans view Nolley. His father’s comments, Landers’ lackluster effort late on in the campaign, and finally his declaration to enter the NCAA transfer portal.

Regardless of how he ended the year or if it was just for one season - Landers Nolley was Virginia Tech’s top player for 2019/20. He helped lift the team from the start, giving the teams wins and confidence that would fuel the season. And in a year in which looked bleak for Virginia Tech Basketball he kept the excitement going after so many faces left (Buzz, Clarke, Blackshear Jr.).

  • Games Played: 32
  • Starts: 29
  • Minutes: 968
  • Average Points: 15.5
  • Shooting Percentage: .370
  • 3 Point Percentage: .316
  • Average Rebounds: 5.8
  • Total Assists: 77
  • Total Steals: 24

Now it’s your turn to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. I know people will have differing opinions on Nolley or where Bede should be in the overall rankings. Let’s hear it.