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How are experts ranking the ‘20-21 Virginia Tech Basketball recruiting class?

A quick look at how the Hokies incoming class stacks up.

NCAA Basketball: Clemson at Virginia Tech Michael Thomas Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

As collegiate sports have closed down for the year, and potentially a lot of the summer camps and early season training, the focus lately has been on recruiting. Something that coaching staffs can continue to work on as they look to build improved squads whenever we get back into action.

With that in mind I thought it was a good time to check in on how people are currently regarding the incoming Virginia Tech basketball recruiting class. At the moment the Hokies have Joe Bamisile and Darius Maddox locked in and the presumed arrival of David N’Guessan.


  • Overall Ranking: 21st nationally.
  • ACC Ranking: 5th.
  • Four-star player ratings: 2 - Joe Bamisile & Darius Maddox
  • Three-star play ratings: 1 - David N’Guessan


  • Overall Ranking: 44th nationally.
  • ACC Ranking: 10th.
  • Four-star player ratings: 2 - Joe Bamisile & Darius Maddox
  • Three-star play ratings: 1 - David N’Guessan


  • Overall Ranking: Not ranked in ESPN’s top 25, which is the limit of the current rankings.
  • ACC Ranking: 6 ACC schools are ranked in the top 25, so the Hokies would be 7th at best according to ESPN.
  • Four-star player ratings: 2 - Joe Bamisile & Darius Maddox. Both are ranked in ESPN’s top 100 players with Bamisile at 66 and Maddox as the 94th top player.
  • Three-star play ratings: David N’Guessan isn’t listed on ESPN’s list which is cut off at just 100 players.

Clearly 247 and ESPN have much higher opinions of Joe Bamisile and Darius Maddox compared to Rivals. With the departure of Landers Nolley, how these two top recruits play for Mike Young during their freshman season will have a big impact on if the Hokies can break into the NCAA Tournament conversation. Both should see significant minutes and fix into Coach Young’s system very well.

Virginia Tech should return as a stronger team in 2020-21, as these rankings don’t take into consideration the transfer possibility of Cartier Diarra from Kansas State or the return of Keve Aluma from sitting out this past season due to a transfer. Regardless, don’t expect the media to predict the Hokies to finish in 14th place in the ACC next season.