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Virginia Tech Football Jersey Bracket - Down to the Final Four, with a few surprises

Really? Both looks from the 1998-2003 run are out?

NCAA Football: Belk Bowl-Virginia Tech vs Kentucky Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Two weeks ago we wrote about the Virginia Tech Athletics Department starting up a bracket competition to determine the fan’s favorite Hokies Football jersey design. The bracket featured 32 different designs dating as far back as the 1968 Frank Beamer white jersey.

After a few rounds of voting we’ve reached the final four designs. Here is a look at the picks that have made it this far.

2010-2012 - Maroon

Original Seed: #2 in the North End Zone Bracket.

Path to the Final Four: Easily crushed a 2003 white design in the opening round, before a close battle with a near identical design that was worn during 2016 & 2017. But in Round 3 it took down a #1 seed and legendary look - the 1998-2003 white, which is synonymous with the Michael Vick era.

Odds of Winning? The Hokies were 11-4 in this design over three seasons. As the only maroon design left I’m thinking this look is the odds on favorite.


2004-2008 - White

Original Seed: #3 in the South End Zone Bracket

Path to the Final Four: Crushed the 2013 Orange Camo look in the opening round and then moved past a 2015 black design that was only ever used once. Neither of those looks should ever be brought back. Then in a very close Elite Eight match-up, this white design edged past the 2016-17 Hokie Stone look, 51.4% to 48.6%.

Odds of Winning? This jersey covers the most number of years of any of the remaining options, having been used for five seasons as the Hokies entered its ACC years. 17-5 overall many fans will remember this design favorable - winning three ACC Titles and despite its debut against USC to kick off the 2004 season - a result & play call that many fans still are upset about today.

2009 - White Pro Combat

Original Seed: #2 in the West Stands Bracket.

Path to the Final Four: Easy victories in the first two rounds over Orange designs from the past decade. In the last round a 66-34 knocking out the oldest look in the bracket, the white #25 worn by Frank Beamer himself.

Odds of Winning? Only worn twice, and for two wins, including a 42-13 drubbing of UVA to close out the 2009 season. The orange to maroon fade on the numbers looks nice, as does the ‘Beamer Ball’ writing on the inside of the collar. However, the pattern on the shoulders make this design look like it belongs on an Oregon Ducks jersey. Hard to see this one even making the final.

2010 - Black Pro Combat

Original Seed: #1 seed from the East Stands Bracket.

Path to the Final Four: The only #1 seed to reach the Final Four, this look cruised past the Hokies white jerseys that made up the years 2008 through 2017. Then in the last round, pulled off a big upset in topping a classic Maroon look from 1998-2003 as Tech nearly won the National Championship.

Odds of Winning? This is the best of the Tech black designs, but the Hokies only wore it once - and that was in a loss against Boise State. But considering it beat the Michael Vick era Maroon jersey, perhaps the historical context isn’t weighing heavily here. My prediction is that this design makes the final and then losses out.

Voting starts in Final Four on Tuesday (5/12) - head over to HokieSports and vote now.

Which one these four designs is your favorite and which do you think will end up taking the prize? After this competition, you wonder if the Athletic Department will consider trying to bring back the winning design for next season or in the years to come (imagining that the Fall 2020 designs are already set).