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HokieSports declares a surprise Virginia Tech Football jersey bracket winner

Really voters?

North Carolina v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Over the past few weeks HokieSports has been running a contest to let fans vote on which Virginia Tech football jersey design was their favorite. They pulled together 32 popular looks from recent years all the way back to Frank Beamer’s playing days. Maroon, orange, white, black, and Hokie Stone designs made up a fairly interesting field as the rounds progressed.

If you missed our breakdown of the final four jerseys, including the Hokies’ record when being worn, you can check that out here - Final Four Jerseys Breakdown.

The final featured a fairly classic looking Maroon jersey worn for three seasons with orange and white stripes on the shoulders and an orange collar up against the black and orange look the Hokies wore once in a loss to Boise State from 2010.

And the winner is...

That’s right. A jersey that the football team has worn once, a decade ago, in a loss, has been voted as the winner. I have to say I’m quite surprised. Reactions on social media were mixed - some thought it was a ridiculous result, while others hold the 2010 Black Pro Combat look in the highest regards.

So how did this happen?

The winner had a fairly easy opening two rounds, against lackluster white designs. But then to reach the Final Four it beat the Maroon design from the late 1990s / early 2000s which saw Virginia Tech reach its highest peak with Michael Vick. Then in the final it beats another classic Maroon design from the start of the last decade.

Voting took place on the HokieSports website rather than utilizing social media platforms for voting as well and then aggregating the results. The bracket wasn’t widely advertised on the athletics homepage, so voters had to catch individual social media posts as a reminder or bookmark the bracket site and visit on voting days. All that to say that the total vote counts weren’t extremely high and likely didn’t represent all of Hokie Nation.

Of all the black, Hokie Stone, or camo looks Tech has done over the past decade or so, this one is the best. And it deserves another chance to be featured. But the ‘Ultimate Virginia Tech Football Jersey’ has to be Maroon.

Ask this question with the final four designs outside of Lane Stadium on a game day and I’d wager Maroon wins 99% of the time. But the polls were there for anyone, even if a bit hidden, and the results are official.

So will we see a return of the 2010 Black Pro Combat look when the Hokies return to the field next season or in the near future? If it’s the favorite, I’d at least like another go for it. This time in Lane Stadium and hopefully during a win. Leave us your thoughts on the comments below on this winner and your favorite Virginia Tech Football jersey of all time.