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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Reviews Recruiting and Interviews Mattheus Carroll

Bryan and John get some Talking Turkey action going. It’s recruiting time and the season is getting closer. We talk recent commitments and interview Mattheus Carroll, our new Defensive End Commit from Baltimore, Maryland.

The 2021 and beyond Defensive line will look bigger and faster.
John Schneider - SB Nation

It’s commitment season, and the Hokies are seeing some promising talent commit to the Hokies for the 2021 class. German Club football Offensive lineman, Danijel Miletic (who is originally from Serbia) has been shining in the European American football club scene. This will make the third international pickup in the last five years. He’s also a part of a college football trend in reaching out to European American Football players. Danijel is receiving rave reviews so the Hokies are happy to have him for future O-lines.

You’ll have to stick around for the second segment, though. Bryan and John talk to Mattheus Carroll our recent Defensive End commit from Baltimore, MD. Mattheus is excited to be a Hokie, and had rave reviews about his recruiting experience with Bill Teerlinck, Darryl Tapp, and Justin Hamilton. He hasn’t gotten a chance to see a game in Lane Stadium, so is looking forward to seeing one live in the 2020 season. But then we can just let him speak for himself.

Mattheus Carroll is going to be an exciting addition to a revamping defensive line. We can’t wait to see him on the field. Something tells us he’ll be a special player.