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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey sits down with DJ Harvey to Discuss His Commitment

Bryan and John have a great interview with DJ Harvey, our recent defensive back commitment from Southern California. This young man exudes a quiet confidence and commitment to family that he felt that Virginia Tech offered to him. Listen in, he’s going to be a real catch (or maybe interception?)... GO HOKIES!!!!

Who said Corners aren’t physical?
John Schneider - SB Nation

Bryan has lined up another great interview. DJ Harvey is bound for the mountains of Southwest Virginia from the town of Chatsworth, CA. Bryan and John (mostly Bryan) have a nice Summer evening sit down with the ultimate in social distancing going on. That’s three states, and two mountain ranges, folks. Isn’t modern technology amazing?

We think that DJ is going to fit in quite nicely with Coach Hamilton’s new defense and continuation of the tradition of The Real #DBU.

Have a listen, we think that you’ll love who’s coming in 2021.