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podsDavid Teel is at it again, proposing another solution to an ACC football scheduling problem in his article "Geographic pods could be the key to salvaging ACC football season". This time, it's what to do in the event of no non-conference games (or, at least, not more than one or two).

It seems that the ACC decision-makers have been seriously considering a 3X5 pod arrangement (including Notre Dame as team #15) which would allow each team to play the other four in its pod twice (home and away) to minimize travel and potential Coronavirus exposure (because instead of playing 8 different teams you'd only play 4 teams twice each).

Look, I get it - desperate times call for desperate measures. And the ACC stretches the entire length of the United States' East Coast like a giant sea serpent - so I understand the desire to break up into geographic pods for the 2020 season - if there even is one. However, there remains one huge question: which teams would the Virginia Tech Hokies play? (does anything else REALLY matter?)

In Mr. Teel's three pod options, he places the Hokies once each in pod A, B, and C, like so:

OPTION ONE, Pod B: Virginia Tech, Virginia, Clemson, N.C. State, Wake Forest.

OPTION TWO, Pod A: Miami, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Virginia Tech.

OPTION THREE, Pod C: Syracuse, Boston College, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech.

In other words, in options one and two the Hokies would face the Clemson Tigers, while option three would give Virginia Tech a 2-game series with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Only option one places the Hokies in the same pod as the Cavaliers - although there would remain the possibility of a cross-over game.

The fan in me loves this idea. The pessimist in me thinks this is just a recipe for a bad season. What do YOU guys think? Good, bad, or just plain ugly?

(for more on this idea, see also "ACC 3X5 Pods Coming?" on ACCFootballRx.

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