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Virginia Tech Hokies get Two More Watch List Adds: Bradburn and Johnson

A few of the final position ‘nominations’ (also known as named to Watch Lists) to various post season awards are coming in, and the Hokies get a pleasant surprise on Special Teams. GO HOKIES!!!

Hokie Special Teams at Warm-ups
John Schneider - SB Nation

Lots of Heart to Go With Those Legs!

There are two really key awards for special teams play that put the actual foot in American rules Football. The Ray Guy Award goes to the number one rated punter for the season. The grading is a bit more complex than just distance. There are factors like net distance, kicks inside the 20, kicks for no return, etc. I would have to look up the way they figure the whole thing up, but one thing is that in 2019, Virginia Tech’s Punter from Down under finished near the top. It’s not a surprise that Oscar Bradburn has made another watch list, and I bet a few Australian Dollars (yep they use a dollar, too) that if Oscar’s brainy and brawny leg put up the same level of performance in 2020, he’s a shoe-in. Okay... there’s one big groan for everyone.

But we also got a pleasant surprise, because redshirt Senior place kicker (Field Goals) since the bounding John Parker-Romo is so happy to boot kickoffs out of the end zone, Brian Johnson has been noticed, and received a nod to the watch list for the ‘Toe-phy’; what I call the Lou “The Toe” Groza Award for place kicking excellence. It’s a nice thing to happen for Johnson’s final year of eligibility, and I am absolutely certain that his toe will need to be good this season.

Congratulations to both Oscar and Brian!

And as always,