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A Virginia Tech Hokie Shows Up on the Hornung Watch List: Tayvion Robinson

Mr. Excitement makes it to the list named after Green Bay Packer great Paul Hornung. Tayvion Robinson has brought serious juice to the return game, the sweep game, and he just happens to be an electric receiver to go with it. Congratulations Tayvion! GO HOKIES!!!

Special Teams Warm Ups and Tayvion is ready.
John Schneider - SB Nation

In case you don’t know who Paul Hornung (pronounced horning) is, or was for the purposes of football, he’s the Heisman Trophy winning Green Bay Packer jack of most ball handling trades who put some serious electricity in the Packer Sweep, back in the days when Carroll Dale caught passes thrown by Bart Starr, and Jim Taylor was the king of the Power Sweep. Well, if Taylor was the powerful King, Paul Hornung could run that sweep, too, and he was the prince. The combination proved nearly unstoppable. What folks forget is that Hornung was also a place kicker and returner. (At Notre Dame, he played quarterback, halfback, defensive back and I think that he might have been the Leprechaun, too.) He was also a high quality receiving target. The award named after him goes to the best utility player/multi-role player in college ball.

Tayvion Robinson is a special sort of utility man. He has been spotted catching big passes, running out off the edge in a Jet sweep and flipping the field with a darting high wire act return or two. Well, that got people watching, and now our true sophomore wide receiver has earned his place on the watch list specifically intended for “Jack of Many Trades”

Congratulations to Tayvion! Let’s see some lightning bolts from the feet of #83 this season.