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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Reviews Runningbacks and Quarterbacks

It’s our first roster review Podcast. This time we cover the Runningbacks and Quarterbacks. There are quite a few new faces in the ball carrying position, but the QB roster is pretty much the same as 2019. Check in and listen to see if you agree.

Backfield in motion about to score
John Schneider - SB Nation


Bryan and John meet up to discuss the first two position groups on the board for the season. In Segment 1 we cover the Runningback position. It’s the most fluid group, with two potential starters who are also brand new students.

The following is the Position roster derived from HokieSports:

Virginia Tech 2020 Runningback Roster

26 Khalil Herbert RB 5-9 205 Gr. Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
13 Jalen Holston RB 5-11 218 Sr. Stockbridge, Ga.
24 Terius Wheatley RB 6 190 R-Jr. Ann Arbor, Mich.
29 Marco Lee RB 5-11 225 Jr. Columbus, Ga.
43 Cole Beck RB 6-1 202 R-So. Blacksburg, Va.
35 Keshawn King RB 5-11 182 So. Orange Park, Fla.
38 Nashun Overton RB 5-6 157 R-Fr. Suffolk, Va.
39 Tahj Gary RB 5-8 221 R-Fr. Atlanta, Ga.
44 J'Wan Evans RB 5-10 180 R-Fr. Philadelphia, Pa.
21 Raheem Blackshear RB 5-9 192 (Fr.)? Philadelphia, Pa.
New Names and Faces for 2020

Look for new addition Khalil Herbert to make some sort of serious push for a very low depth chart number. Returning to action this season are Terius Wheatley, and Keshawn King. We expect King to be a starter, and Wheatly to run back punts with extra work in the mobile slot and direct jet sweeps from the edge to the outside. King will probably pick up where he left off as an off tackle and counter runner. Herbert has the size and experience to help sell the Cheeto and run up the middle through the ‘A’ gap.

We expect Jalen Holston to make appearances, especially if he stays healthy. Raheem Blackshear was supposed to play a part in this season’s committee, but no word has been heard on his eligibility waiver.

Our anticipated depth number discussion is interesting. There is more, listen in.


The Quarterback roster hasn’t changed much. The new item of interest, though, will be the #2 and #3 roster slots. The QB competition has reportedly tightened up a bit for the depth positions on the chart.

Virginia Tech 2020 Quarterback Roster

2 Hendon Hooker QB 6-4 228 R-Jr. Greensboro, N.C.
3 Braxton Burmeister QB 6-1 210 R-Jr. La Jolla, Calif.
4 Quincy Patterson II QB 6-4 245 R-So. Chicago, Ill.
6 Trevor Jackson QB 6-3 187 R-Fr. Leesburg, Va.
12 Knox Kadum QB 6-3 185 R-Fr. Rome, Ga.
Experienced Faces for 2020

What we are hearing is that Braxton Burmeister and Quincy Patterson II are running neck and neck in the #2 slot competition. Both have solid field experience, and both are big enough with good enough arms to run Fuente’s offense. It wouldn’t surprise us to have them both on the Depth Chart as a #2 and used situationally. Either way, unless something happens out of the blue, expect to see #2 on the field behind Center. Hendon Hooker has something to prove this season. The sports punditry is ignoring him. We aren’t, and Kenny Pickett is not in anyway better than Hooker. Time for Hendon to step up and correct the record.

Bryan also grabs a few closing minutes to talk about our new commitment, and both of us talk about the need for better, more consistent, and situationally appropriate play calling from the booth. If you aren’t the 1965 Green Bay Packers it might be wise to make your offense a bit unpredictable.... just sayin’...

So, have a listen.

And as always,