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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Reviews Some News

As we all wait, and Kat was on vacation, Bryan and John reviewed some of the roster changes for the Hokies over the late July and early August runup to the season(?). There is more to talk up this week but mostly we are all just waiting... and hoping. GO HOKIES!!!

Hustle before the game
John Schneider - SB Nation

The Hokies went through a bit of a churn last week, and we even had a poll to see how you all felt about it. The poll was small, lots of you seem to have checked the lurking mode box. I realize that it’s hard to stay enthusiastic when the season might slide into the abyss at any minute; but 68% of you still want the ACC to keep this push on for a functional fall season.

Next time we’ll go over some of the things that are developing this week. We had our big commitment from the Texas recruiting run, and we are expecting news, tomorrow, about some thing from the strategic communications office. Those of us Hokie Club members got a notice in email about something coming down the pike tomorrow.

Fall practice is well underway, and the team is hustling to make up for lost time. Someone else has noticed that Hendon Hooker is the real deal. He’s been put on the Unitas Award watch list.

Let’s hope that Hendon gets a season to show what we all know that he can do. Congratulations!!!

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