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Hokie Fall Sports are Training Up, and Preparing for their Seasons

Virginia Tech students are on campus. The Corps of Cadets is starting their Cadre and the sports teams, led by the football team are practicing. Tech is designing things to make player safety work, and the school is capable of testing 1000 students a day. It seems that Hokies are not too keen on being beaten by a virus.

Gathering in the first home game warmup of 2019. How will 2020 go?
John Schneider - SB Nation

So, let’s take a little trip around campus as the 2020 Fall semester starts up and the modified and sometimes bewildering safety rules are being dealt with and honored so that Hokies can have some semblance of a normal school experience.

Hokie Football

The ACC is still planning on kicking off in mid September for their modified season, and the players are working hard to make up time lost.

The team is pushing out as much up beat information as it possibly can. The players want to play football, and Hokies want to see them.

The upperclassmen have really stepped up to take charge of corralling the young players and leading them to be smart and safe so that the season is not jeopardized by risky behaviors. They are to be commended for their efforts.

James Mitchell explains:

Hokie Engineering

You saw that right. The engineers got a big nod of appreciation from the football players. Remember that Virginia Tech helmet safety scale thing that most folks seem to have forgotten about? Remember that special lightweight splint for supporting arms and legs that otherwise would bench a player? Well, Virginia Tech Engineers step up again, and come up with a customized helmet face shield for players to use on the field.

The BioMedical Engineers churned up a massive effort to provide on campus testing for COVID. The Fralin Biomedical School is prepared to churn out 1,000 tests per day and report results within 24 hours.

Hokie Soccer

The men’s team is working it hard, preparing for the season and getting back in game shape:

The women’s team is doing some PR work with cameras and shot angles...

Virginia Tech is working to make this Fall Semester a good one for the athletes and students. The challenge is being met. Let us hope that we can start jumping at the beginning of the modified season.