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Virginia Tech Hokies Sports News Review

Kinda what Lane is going to look like for the UVA game.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Hokies Football

So, with no football in the coming weekend, for us, anyway - I’m going to dig on the Army vs. Middle Tennessee State game this weekend. But the Hokies are putting people on notice that they are fully intending on showing up to play football on September 19th. Here’s the latest hype video to keep your football juices flowing:

Here are some practice pictures to go with the video:

Are they going to broadcast the first football game in front of a green screen so that we can see a full Lane Stadium jumping for their Hokies?

Coach Fuente gives a rundown on the new players, practices, and what’s happening as the 2020 roster works out and the team takes shape.

You Gotta Have a Gimmick

Here’s the money raising gimmick to make up for the lack of fans for the first game in Lane.

For the princely sum of $70 you can submit a picture for a cardboard cutout of you, or whomever you think you would like to be represented in Lane Stadium for the opener. I would prefer to be there but we are still waiting to find out about media credentialing policies. We are hoping to hear something positive by the end of the week.

Virginia Tech Gets Noticed again for 2021.

The Princeton Review’s ratings for 2021 have come out, and Virginia Tech is getting serious attention on the ratings pages. We’ve slipped a bit in the food department, we used to be #1 or #2. Maybe it’s the lack of trays to carry the food.

It’s not a big list, folks. Things are pretty quiet and the students are all just trying to follow the rules and get used to the odd way things are working this semester.

We are still waiting for that kickoff on September 19th. Hopefully it’s broadcast on a channel that everyone can get, not just the ACC Network, though my family has thrown the coin to get Hulu so we can get the games... Thanks ACC and Comcast for still not signing an agreement.

So, as always,