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Virginia Tech to do fan cutouts at Lane Stadium this fall

This is what we’ve seen at most MLB parks since the baseball season began without fans this summer.

Virginia Tech v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

To say it’s been a strange year is an understatement. The COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world of sports back in March and it wasn’t until July when we started to see signs of hope as the MLB, NHL and NBA reopened.

Throughout the past few months, uncertainty surrounded college football in particular. However, the ACC, SEC and Big 12 announced in August a plan to move forward in 2020.

Sure, while the upcoming season will look quite different, we should still have football this fall.

One area of interest to most is what will college football be like without fans? Most schools haven’t officially announced an attendance plan, however, all have acknowledged things will look dramatically different with either no attendance or limited capacity.

That’s no different for the Virginia Tech Hokies.

So, on Monday, the Hokies took a step toward addressing attendance at Lane Stadium this fall — sort of.

The team announced it would be selling fan cutouts for $70 to fill the stands in Blacksburg. The cost would be a donation to the Hokie Club, which is always needed and appreciated.

All proceeds from the fan cutouts will go directly to the Keep Jumping Fund sponsored by the Hokie Club. This would mean all new contributors would gain immediate Hokie Club membership.

You must purchase your cutout by Sept. 4 at 4 PM in order to ensure your fan cutout is placed inside Lane Stadium.

After this deadline passes, if you purchase a fan cutout, you may wait two to three weeks before your cutout is placed inside Lane Stadium.

Sure, it may seem expensive. But remember you are helping Virginia Tech try and recoup some of what will be record losses due to the ongoing pandemic.

Pitch in and help the Hokies. It is fun and you are helping the school during these unprecedented times.