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Raheem Blackshear Wins his NCAA Appeal - He’s Eligible to Play for the Hokies this Season

Well, finally some good news for a change. Transfer Runningback Raheem Blackshear wins his appeal and will suit up for the Hokies this Fall. The Hokie Runningback Roster suddenly got tons better. GO HOKIES!!!!

NCAA Football: Boston College at Rutgers
Imagine this, in Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange - IT’S HAPPENING!!!
Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

As reported by the Roanoke Times, Raheem Blackshear is officially a football playing Hokie this season. The NCAA has granted him is eligibility after an appeal of their initial denial.

So we get to see an interesting and dynamic backfield in action for the 19th of September. Time to get the Cup back and put it in the case where it belongs.

Congratulations RAHEEM!