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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey - Tilts at a Windmill but We Rank 20/19

So, you record podcasts. Then stuff happens and the work becomes more stale than the news. Bryan and John start the new season of coverage, and immediately get run over by current events. 2020 is its own meme, isn’t it? Hey, the Hokies haven’t touch the field and were #20 though. GO HOKIES!!!

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2018 and Emmanuel Belmar keeps the Cup. Not yet for 2020.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Bryan and John discuss the Commonwealth Cup opener. Of course fate would have it the game would be postponed due to COVID issues, and we got chumped, slightly.

Everything is still cogent, just the game related stuff will have to be revisited. Our next show will be all about that North Carolina State Wolfpack opener that we shelved a week and a half-ago without recording.

Hokies are Ranked, Though

In other news, the Hokies received 368 AP Sports Writers votes to come in at #20. The USA/Today Coaches Poll is bumping us up to #19 with 266 votes.

Somehow, someway this season has to be. Maybe they’ll move the UVa Game to the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Who knows? It’s been one of THOSE years.

As always, folks!