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Hokies Announce that December 12th is the Commonwealth Cup Game! Be There!

The big question to resolve for the schedule has been answered and another hole is left. The Commonwealth Cup Game will be played at some time on Saturday December 12. The schedule doesn’t mention the ACC Championship game, though. We’re figuring the 19th, but everything is in pencil. GO HOKIES!!!

The last run on to Sandman for 2018 was a bruiser that we pulled out. Can we do it again?
John Schneider - SB Nation

Okay!!! Yes! The Wahoos are scheduled to bring the Commonwealth Cup back to us on December 12th. We were thinking that it was going to be the weekend after Thanksgiving like originally planned before the bad vibe meme of 2020 struck. But it’s going to be a cold kickoff, hopefully in prime time, for the Commonwealth Clash.

This is the official from the ACC:

And a reminder from @HokiesFB of what they plan on happening.

Hopefully we are back to more normal operations, and the Gobbler Country Coverage Crew can take in the game from where we belong. Bryan in the Box, and John on the field. And with Lane Stadium rocking!